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Generative AI: The Race Is On

Experts call Generative AI a once-in-a-lifetime moment — a transformative technology that rivals the commercialization of the internet. The hype is deafening, even confusing.

Industries across the business spectrum now enter the race to understand Generative AI solutions and determine where they can provide the most value.

But the Generative AI solutions journey is not a sprint. Yet business leaders must approach it with a heightened sense of urgency.

SoftServe’s adoption patterns aim to provide you with just that approach.

As many talk about what Generative AI is and why it matters, we show you where to start and how to make Generative AI solutions a reality in your business enterprise.

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Our Generative AI Offerings

icon imageAI Discovery

Interest to Discovery: Generative AI Ecosystem and 
Implications for My Business

  • Use cases and business impact priorities
  • Data quality and availability 
  • Technology trade-offs and architecture 
  • Technical feasibility with POC

icon imageAI Launchpad

Launchpad to Innovation: Evidence-Based Exploration and Deployment

  • Generative AI lab
  • AI Launchpad Program for rapid experimentation
  • Value stream mapping and use cases
  • POC/POV pipeline

icon imageAI Adoption

Insight to Impact: Rapid Scaling and Adoption in My Organization

  • Generative AI Adoption roadmap
  • Technology strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Change management and AI governance
  • Generative AI Solution Development
  • Generative AI in Product and Engineering Teams

4 Adoption Patterns For Your Enterprise

The available options and specialized terminology in Generative AI perplexes many. So you can choose the right approach for your Generative AI solutions journey, we describe four adoption patterns to help you achieve clarity.

Industry Focus

Our Portfolio


Amazon Web Services

As an APN Premier Services Partner, SoftServe acts as an exceptional cloud guide, vastly decreasing the time to achieve cloud value. By doing so, SoftServe ensures that your AI initiatives unleash the full potential of AWS Machine Learning services, such as Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker, and that they are deployed in accordance with AWS Well-Architected best practices.

Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Partner and the winner of the 2020 Google Cloud Partner of the Year Award for Machine Learning, SoftServe is committed to helping customers solve their most pressing business challenges. SoftServe utilizes Google Cloud's AI ecosystem, including tools such as Google Cloud Vertex AI and Generative AI App Builder.


Innovate with purpose, rationalize costs, and drive efficiencies with Microsoft Azure's open and flexible cloud computing platform. Leverage Azure OpenAI and Machine Learning services to deliver next-generation AI solutions. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, SoftServe enables your business to build and deploy on your terms—both today and in the future.


As an NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner, SoftServe harnesses NVIDIA's cutting-edge technologies, like GPU-accelerated compute infrastructure, to deliver robust AI solutions. Leveraging NVIDIA's NeMo Service, SoftServe streamlines the development of Generative AI products, driving rapid digital transformation.