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SoftServe helps forward-looking companies exploit cloud efficiencies and agility to deliver better applications to their end users.

Service Offering

The SoftServe SaaS and Cloud offerings drive some of the most advanced SaaS applications and infrastructure services in the world. Some key achievements include:

  • Under 5 hours downtime per year for a global SaaS offering running thousands of instances (99.99% availability)
  • ‘Black Friday’ proofed applications, databases, and infrastructure for multiple ecommerce providers experiencing unpredictable demand spikes in short time periods
  • Multi-provider IaaS design solutions which survive AWS availability zone outage with zero downtime.

Our SaaS and Cloud Service Portfolio is a balanced mixture of architecture discovery services and IP framework accelerators. We are unique in our ability to architect, design, and develop SaaS applications and supporting IaaS; and continuously deploy and operate the new system for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and cost control. Our SaaS and DevOps architecture teams often operate as a single inter-disciplinary unit at the start of projects. This sets the stage for ongoing Agile development and operations collaboration required by the most scalable and sophisticated Cloud based services. Depending upon the results of architecture discovery, SoftServe accelerates the time to market and reduces system development time/cost by incorporating specific IP accelerators.

Services and Solutions

The SaaS Architecture Discovery Service addresses complex software design and re-factoring challenges faced by our clients as they migrate to Cloud based solutions. Engagements address some or all of the following topics: scaling distributed services to accommodate rapid user growth, code review and refactoring, tools/platforms analysis and selection, security, application and database tenancy, high availability, zero downtime upgrades, continuous release management, and tenant customization.

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The DevOps Discovery Service focuses on achieving Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) goals and Service Level Agreement (SLA) execution for the infrastructure running the services and applications. The typical engagement covers assessments, recommendations, tools, and processes for: environment management, build management, configuration management, virtualization, disaster recovery, tenant management, SLA monitoring, and data backup/recovery/maintenance. The assessment process also yields a visual assessment of the maturity of DevOps practices.  

The SaaS Tenant Analyzer is a quick start, predictive analytics solution for C-level executives at Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. It analyzes and predicts the potential churn risk and rate for SaaS tenants, helping CFOs and CROs quickly gain actionable insights such as: proper targeting of short-term effort at retaining large, at risk tenants, proper allocation of sales and marketing investments in best performing tenant segments and overall risk of lost subscription revenue from specific and aggregate tenant churn.

IP Accelerators

The Cloud Software Development Kit is a 2nd generation, open source java framework that accelerates development of scalable, multi-tenant, cloud applications. Components include REST API, NoSQL data management, multi-dimensional multi-tenancy, security with PKI admin, concurrency, message queuing, push notifications, crash reporting, and more.

The SoftServe SaaS Operations Framework is an integrated set of tools, components, and automation services for achieving excellence in SaaS operations. SSOF drives efficient and repeatable practices for provisioning, release management, automated testing, monitoring, centralized security, data management, inventory control, and more.



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