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Essence of Cloud Governance: SoftServe Insights for Better Management

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In the world of cloud management, where businesses maximize cloud technology’s potential, it’s crucial to ensure the efficient, secure, and compliant use of cloud resources. However, it’s difficult at times to align with regulatory requirements, industry standards, business goals, and your organization’s internal policies.

In this article, you will learn what cloud governance is, what the pain points of cloud users are, the pivotal significance of cloud governance, and the challenges that occur. Conclusively, you will discover how SoftServe’s accelerator decreases the complexity of onboard governance for your cloud infrastructure.

Defining cloud governance and user pain points

Cloud governance is like an intricate web of practices, policies, procedures, and controls that organizations implement to effectively manage their cloud computing resources and services. Yes, it's complex. But it's necessary.

In today's digital world, organizations harness the power of the cloud. It's like a vast, expanding playground for your data and applications. But, with great power comes great responsibility, and that's where cloud governance comes in.

Think about it — you've got challenges like cost overruns that blow up your budget and security vulnerabilities that keep you up at night. Compliance worries, too, navigating those regulatory mazes like finding your way through a labyrinth. And what about resource sprawl? Inefficient use of resources leads to wasted money and time.

But that's not all. Cloud governance also tackles the lack of visibility into your cloud activities. You must know what's happening there. And aligning your cloud services with your business needs? Well, that's easier said than done.

There's also the struggle for standardization, making sure everyone's following the same practices across the cloud. As your business grows, so does the complexity. You need governance that scales with you, not holds you back.

Then there’s shadow IT: Those unauthorized cloud services are a nightmare for security and compliance. Plus, resource allocation: You've got to put your cloud resources where they matter most. Let's not even get started on operational efficiency; streamlining workflows is a constant battle.

Cloud governance is complex, but it's needed. It is your roadmap to ensure you're using the cloud efficiently, securely, and in compliance with rules and regulations. It's how you take control of your cloud resources and assure they align with your business goals. Nowadays, it's not just a promising idea, it's a necessity.

11 benefits of cloud governance and challenges

Now, let's dive deeper into the 11 benefits that cloud governance brings to your organization.

1. Cost control and optimization

Cost control and optimization

Cloud governance is like your financial advisor in the cloud world. It helps you track your spending, set budgets, and execute cost-saving strategies. Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and hello to cost predictability.

2. Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Imagine having an impenetrable shield around your cloud resources. Governance frameworks establish security policies, controls, and best practices that protect your data and infrastructure. No more sleepless nights worrying about security breaches or compliance violations.

3. Improved risk management

Improved risk management

Cloud governance acts as your risk detective, identifying and neutralizing threats lurking in your cloud services, applications, and infrastructure. It's your proactive defense against security breaches and operational disruptions.

4. Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

Think of cloud governance as your resource optimizer. It efficiently allocates your cloud resources, eliminating the risk of over-provisioning or underutilization. This efficiency translates into significant cost savings and resource optimization.

5. Enhanced visibility and accountability

Enhanced visibility and accountability

With cloud governance, you get a pair of super-powered binoculars for your cloud activities. It provides clear visibility into resource usage, changes, and access. This transparency promotes accountability and minimizes the chances of unauthorized actions.

6. Standardization and consistency

Standardization and consistency

Cloud governance is your steadfast ally so everyone in your organization follows the same cloud practices and policies. This consistency boosts reliability, simplifies management, and reduces the risk of configuration errors.

7. Performance optimization

Performance optimization

Consider cloud governance as your performance guru. It constantly monitors your cloud operations, identifying and eliminating bottlenecks to provide top-notch service performance.

8. Flexibility and vendor neutrality

Flexibility and vendor neutrality

With cloud governance, you're not tied to a single cloud provider. It's like having a multi-dimensional toolkit for managing multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments. With it, you effortlessly adapt to changes and migrations.

9. Reduced shadow IT

Reduced shadow IT

Cloud governance is your shadow IT exterminator. It keeps rogue, unauthorized cloud services in check, reducing your security and compliance risks.

10. Resource scaling

Resource scaling

As your organization grows in the cloud, cloud governance scales along with you. Your policies and controls remain effective, no matter how vast your cloud environment becomes.

11. Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Cloud governance is the efficiency maestro, guiding you through best practices that streamline workflows and trim operational overhead. Discard unnecessary complexities and welcome smooth operations.

The enablement of cloud governance is complex. Yet, the complexity lies in the challenges, which vary by an organization's size, industry, existing infrastructure, and cloud adoption maturity. Such challenges you encounter include:

  • Resistance to change. Your teams resist change, so cultural shifts are needed.
  • Lack of awareness. Your employees may not grasp its importance; therefore, education is crucial.
  • Resource discovery. Your identification of all cloud resources is difficult — especially shadow IT.
  • Policy definition. It takes you time to create policies that balance flexibility and compliance.
  • Consistency. Maintenance of uniformity across your cloud environments is strenuous.
  • Resource tagging. Accurately achieving resource categorization without automation is tricky.
  • Skill shortages. The task of finding skilled personnel is taxing; these skills are in demand across all industries.
  • Continuous monitoring. Ongoing policy enforcement is a dynamic process.
  • Budgeting. Managing your budgets and tracking your costs is an ongoing function.
  • Policy enforcement. Consistent policy enforcement is manual and time-consuming.
  • Measuring ROI. Assessing the effectiveness of governance efforts requires you to use proper metrics and reporting.

To directly tackle these challenges, develop a clear strategy, involve stakeholders, provide training, use automation, and keep policies updated.

SoftServe's approach: Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator

SoftServe has explored the essence of cloud governance and uncovered its significance and challenges. It's now time to introduce the solution that helps you easily navigate this intricate landscape.

SoftServe's Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator is more than just a tool. It's your door opener; your strategic helper. Designed with the insights gained from SoftServe’s extensive experience and industry best practices, this accelerator paves the way for your cloud governance journey. The MVP accelerator empowers you to take that crucial first step and establishes the fundamentals of cloud governance, addressing the challenges previously outlined.

SoftServe's Azure Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator is your passport to a comprehensive audit of your cloud services and a transformative cloud governance experience.

What sets SoftServe’s accelerator apart?

At the heart of SoftServe’s Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator is an innovative automation tool, purpose-built to deploy core cloud governance in a structured, repeatable manner. It's not just about speed; it's also about effectiveness and alignment with Microsoft Azure's best practices.

Good foundation as a difference-maker

The approach SoftServe has developed serves as the cornerstone for a solid cloud governance foundation. The accelerator boasts a predefined set of policies and practices, meticulously curated based on Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Azure Governance, coupled with SoftServe’s cloud governance expertise. It's like you have grasped the wisdom of the cloud gods.

5 disciplines SoftServe covers

SoftServe's Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator, a comprehensive solution designed to address the complex challenges and benefits of cloud governance, covers five critical disciplines essential for achieving cloud excellence and ensuring your cloud resources are effectively managed and optimized.

  • Resource consistency. Think of it as the architect who ensures your Azure cloud organization is structured flawlessly and represented as a structured configuration. SoftServe adds the icing on your cake by implementing a tagging convention for your governed resources.
  • Security. Security is non-negotiable, and SoftServe takes it seriously. Your Azure cloud security is constantly monitored through adherence to Azure Security Benchmark policies, leaving no room for vulnerabilities. Plus, the Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator includes Azure Policy built-in initiatives for evaluating your infrastructure's compliance with regulatory standards like PCI DSS, NIST, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.
  • Cost management. SoftServe’s accelerator stays focused on your cloud spending and arms you with budget controls and alerts. It also applies policies to identify unused resources to decrease overall consumption costs. No more unexpected expenses and wasted resources.
  • Identity. Protecting privileged access and managing identities are integral parts of Azure Security Benchmark initiatives. SoftServe’s accelerator has you covered.
  • Deployment acceleration. With streamlined cloud governance lifecycle control and seamlessly integrated with your CI/CD system, the accelerator delivers a smoother cloud journey for you.


Essentially, cloud governance is your trusty sidekick throughout your cloud adventure. It enables you to maximize the benefits of cloud computing while keeping risks at bay. With cloud governance at your side, you navigate the digital realm with confidence, success, and centralized control.

SoftServe's Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator is a transformative experience. With SoftServe as your trusted cloud technology partner, you’re empowered with the tools and practices to navigate your cloud terrain smoothly, confidently, and efficiently.

SoftServe is ready to provide you with the best cloud governance experience. Are you ready to take that leap? Let's embark on your cloud governance journey together.

SoftServe’s Cloud Governance MVP Accelerator service is published at the Azure Marketplace. Contact SoftServe through this offering page.