by  Michaella Pesheva

The Right DXP for Software

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Personalization and overall CX are foremost on enterprise software company minds for good reason. Experience increasingly drives purchase decisions, and without personalization, marketing efforts are largely ignored, if not invisible altogether. True personalization for superior experiences requires more than legacy methods—as well as more time and effort than most individuals or teams can provide manually.

Regardless, the fact that software companies exist to solve other people’s problems does not relieve them of facing their own.

“92% of consumers are unlikely to engage with marketing that addresses them by name.” pure360

To deliver experiences that lead to improved engagement, conversion, and retention—software companies must leverage:

  • Actionable data based on a 360-view of the individual
  • AI/ML for automation, personalization, and recommendations
  • Accelerated optimization of interoperable systems and CX

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) empower software businesses to accomplish these tasks by consolidating disparate data and systems, automating processes that free IT to focus more on engagement teams, and ultimately, to deliver superior CX at scale. The question is, which DXP solution is the right one? The answer depends on a company’s present state and anticipated future.

Case Study: SoftServe

The insights presented here are based on first-hand experience, as we served as a living lab and applied our DXP solution practice internally.

SoftServe is a global company with over 4,500 successful enterprise projects completed to date. Delivery on such scale leaves little bandwidth for marketing and CX optimization. With our rapid growth rate and aggressive content needs, our global marketing team turned to our Digital Experience Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) to determine which DXP was best for our company needs.

Our Process

Before the right DXP could be determined, we needed to assess our present state to sustain our plans for futureproofed marketing, CX, and personalization. Current demands and customer expectations are ever-increasing and will change accordingly, so it is short-sighted to choose a DXP solution based solely on the present.

Know your strategy

In discovery, the DXP team gathered stakeholders for a two-day workshop and asked questions like:

  • How will our business needs will change over time?
  • How fast will the company need to scale?
  • How high is the expected volume of data to be consolidated and processed in real time?
  • How many new channels will likely be added in the future?
  • What is your ideal workflow?

Software companies need to map out the digital journey based on the aforementioned situational analysis combined with the answers to the above questions and others. There must also be collective awareness of the need for expedited ROI to ensure budget for future CX development.

Know your architecture

Beyond knowing our vision and critically thinking through our self-evaluation, SoftServe needed to understand our existing architecture, as well as the internal stakeholders who would constitute the primary internal user base. Before DXP selection, companies must know what is used currently, who uses it, for what purpose, and how the technology is connected.

Equally important is knowing who will use the platform, how it will empower the user to accomplish new and improved performance, and how customer experience will be directly improved by the DXP. Software companies must also consider what existing platforms and technologies the DXP will need to connect with now and for the future.

To learn which DXP was ultimately chosen, contact us and we’ll be happy to share our selection and reasoning.

“Companies must work with four vendors on average to properly manage customer experience.” Gartner

Choosing the right XP

The right DXP and configuration is unique to each company. The right platform will be comprehensive in features but also flexible and adaptable enough to adjust as a company continues to evolve and grow. By investing the time in rigorous research, companies will be well positioned to make the right choice in selecting an experience platform. How does the DXP vendor fit with regards to size, location, and support location? Are they experts in AI/ML or licensees? Are they investing in R&D? It is also vital to speak with existing customers and review case studies and testimonials.


An experience platform’s ability to improve customer experience is more than a series of checked boxes. When considering which is the right solution, companies must also consider if the proposed DXP overlaps with existing platforms, apps, etc., and whether or not true integration of web content, digital assets, and analytics is present or available. It’s not simply a matter of features, but whether or not those features are redundant and/or relevant to the needs of the company.

That said, if a DXP provides improvements/advantages over current tools and systems—it makes sense for companies to take full advantage of increased capabilities.

Prepare for success

Those who will be using the DXP must be included in the discovery, selection, and features ideation process. At SoftServe, we have the luxury of an internal Digital Platforms Center of Excellence (CoE). When the time came to determine if a new DXP solution was right for our global marketing team, stakeholders from across the company were included in the discovery process.

No investment of time or money for DXP integration will overcome a lack of inclusiveness, awareness, or proper training. To avoid the angst and frustration that come with overpaying for an underused tool, software companies must be realists about who will be using the DXP, and proactive about preparing teams to succeed when using the platform.

At SoftServe, we are software, data, and AI/ML experts. We have over 26 years of experience, with over 5,500 software developers and experience designers. We are also preferred partners and implementation/optimization providers for the world’s leading digital experience platforms. Download our latest interview to find out where you are in your experience platform journey.

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