Case StudyMar 23, 2018

SaaS / Cloud Applications with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Rapidly scale your business and get flexible deployment options with the cloud.

InfographicsMar 20, 2018

Financial Benefits of Retail Personalization

There is a great financial benefit to investing in customer loyalty.

Case StudyMar 16, 2018

SoftServe’s Augmented Reality App Reconstructs a Disappeared Wooden Medieval Ukrainian Castle

A mobile augmented reality (AR) application, which would show the medieval Tustan fortre ss of the IX-XVI centuries.

Case StudyMar 08, 2018
Financial Services

Financial Dashboard Solutions for One of Canada’s Biggest Retailers

The client consulted SoftServe to leverage its end-to-end success framework for outside-in and crowd sourced ideation, market validated concept development, and commercialization.

InfographicsMar 06, 2018
Financial Services

Retail Investing in Digital—With Good Reason

Retail evolving to merge in-store experiences with digital counterparts.

WhitepaperMar 05, 2018

What if Retail Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Evolving?

Customer loyalty is driving retail—and personalized, omnichannel experiences are more important than ever

Case StudyMar 04, 2018

Driving IT Transformation in High-Performance Enterprise Organisation

SoftServe presented a very detailed project plan for the client’s IT group to execute for higher DevOps maturity.

WhitepaperFeb 27, 2018
Financial Services

What If Banks Go The Way Of The Neighborhood Grocer?

As brick-and-mortar banks come up against disruptive competition, customers are king and digital is the key to their trust.

Case StudyFeb 25, 2018
Financial Services

Big Data Platform for Market Risk Management and Business Scenarios Processing for Investment Bank’s Portfolio Trading

Learn more about our solution for a top-tier global investment bank based in Europe operating in more than 70 countries.

InfographicsFeb 20, 2018
Financial Services

Banks Going Digital: By the Numbers

Banking is changing rapidly to meet the needs of customers already accustomed to sophisticated digital experiences.