WebinarMay 17, 2016

Will Artificiall Intelligence Change Healthcare?

Can artificial intelligence and machine learning act as an enabler for changes in medicine and healthcare?

Client TestimonialMay 10, 2016

Chris Hellewell, EVP of Engineering at Spillman Technologies

“They understand people; they’re able to match their people with our people to work together to create solutions…”

WhitepaperApr 30, 2016

Embracing the Digital Customer

How will digitization change human interaction? Retain and increase your customer base in a digital world.

WebinarApr 12, 2016

Advanced DevOps Technologies: Containerization

How the latest DevOps techniques, including Containers, can help you reduce hosting costs and accelerate application delivery.

Case StudyApr 06, 2016

Implementing a Hybrid Quality Assurance Model for a Healthcare Company

Read how SoftServe helped our client increase their test coverage and efficiency, reduce defects, and improve the overall quality of their product portfolio.

Case StudyApr 06, 2016

ERP System Integration with Mobile Platform

SoftServe modernized the business and helped avoid additional spending for data migration for our client.

Client TestimonialMar 16, 2016
Media & Entertainment

Stephen Tolman, VP of Technology / CIO at Deseret Digital Media

“We’ve tried other companies with limited success, but they’ve done extremely well and exceeded our expectations…”

WebinarFeb 16, 2016

Implementing Test Automation for Project Managers

What a manager should know about test automation for successful performance

Case StudyJan 30, 2016

Reporting and Analytics Solution for Kony

Learn more about a reporting and analytics solution using AWS, Amazon Redshift and Jaspersoft.

WebinarJan 19, 2016

Personalized Medicine in a Contemporary World

Here’s how technology is driving digital health forward and personalizing the consumer healthcare experience.