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Ideate. Iterate. Deliver.
Experiment, iterate, and innovate faster with SoftServe Innovation Platform. Our enterprise idea management tool empowers enterprises to turn innovation into a systematic process.
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Why SoftServe innovation platform?

Solve business challenges by ideating on solutions, designing correlating prototypes, testing the solution on the market, and, finally, building a winning product.

Unlike other tools, ours is backed by a global team of solution experts that will see the project through to completion, end-to-end. Interconnected modules cover the entire process—from ideation to implementation—to get innovation done.


What is SoftServe innovation platform?

We at SoftServe know the real innovation success lies in velocity and in cost of idea market validation. SoftServe Innovation Platform goes far beyond ideation and focuses on what really matters: maximizing number of market experiments while reducing their cycle time to insight and overall cost of innovation.

Core features

  • 01Ideate
  • 02Iterate
  • 03Deliver
  • 04Analytics
  • 05Collaboration

    Create, collect, discuss, and prioritize ideas—then store and share files. Invite both internal and external partners and customers to create, discover, contribute, and problem-solve.

    Systematically refine your ideas into market-validated concepts ready for implementation. Verify your concepts, assumptions, and market feasibility through an iterative process. Collect feedback, analyze results, and refine the concept from a singular point.

    Accelerate the implementation and maintenance of your idea. Create a well-planned and executed implementation approach, driving outcomes and value for your business. Deliver the best customer experience with the highest quality solution in the most efficient way.

    Leverage analytics from previous projects to succeed faster with new ones, never having to learn lessons twice. Analyze each step of the idea pipeline—from people engagement to your business growth—with integrated advanced analytics possibilities and data.

    Expand organizational collaboration between employees and partners with sophisticated commenting functionality in desktop and mobile versions.

Innovation platform value

  • Increase Revenue through Idea Generation

    • Gather ideas from people with diverse backgrounds and expertise
    • Involve partners and customers as valuable assets to get ideas and feedback beyond the organization
    • Identify new income streams through transformational innovation, identifying new business opportunities
  • Optimize Costs through Process Efficiency

    • Reduce costs by optimizing internal processes
    • Scale efforts and solutions—faster
    • Crowdsource ideas regardless of employee location
    • Shorten time-to-value & time-to-market with higher success rates
  • Build an Innovation Culture

    • Encourage idea generation across departments and individuals within the enterprise
    • Support diverse and varying points of view
    • Work cross-functionally to ideate and iterate—at speed

Use cases

  • Innovation Management
  • New product development
  • Run remote workshops
  • Employee Engagement & Culture of experimentation
  • Innovation hackathons with your Clients & Partners

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