Retailers are facing near-constant disruption. Consumer values are continually evolving, and retailers must acknowledge that consumers aren’t driven by a passion to acquire more—they’re driven by a deep desire for products and services that are relevant to them. 

Customers demand access to a wide variety of products, a better customer service, and beneficial loyalty programs. Because of the current market situation—determined by strong competition across many sectors—retailers must increase operational efficiency and drive innovation to deliver the best experience to customers and increasing profits.

areas of retail success

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner and a digital authority in cloud-enabled solutions, SoftServe enables retailers by sharing its experience and creating customized solutions based on organizational goals and priorities, user needs, expectations, and technology capabilities.
  • Understanding Customer Needs

    With a deep understanding of consumer needs, we work with retailers to ensure that the service delivered enhances customer engagement across all touchpoints of the customer journey. Gathering and analyzing customer feedback through the implementation of AWS Big Data analytics tools, we help organizations quickly and strategically respond to ever-growing demand.
  • Optimizing Retail Operations

    As customers require a more personalized experience and operations become increasingly complex, cloud adoption is now a must-have for companies of all sizes. Cloud adoption through AWS significantly accelerates a business’s response to challenges, such as scalability and availability, while substantially optimizing cost and increasing productivity across all areas of the business.
  • Increase Business Competitiveness

    By adopting and enabling multiple AWS services, retailers can drive innovation and organizational value—creating a competitive advantage. Because AWS infrastructure is present worldwide, Cloud services enable business to be closer to their customers and meet consumer demands in the most cost-effective way.

AWS services include

  • amazon EC2

  • amazon RDS

  • Amazon REDSHIFT

  • Amazon S3

  • Amazon personalise

  • Amazon EMR

  • Elasticsearch Service

  • amazon SQS

AWS Case Studies

  • AWS-Based Microclimate Control

    AWS-Based Microclimate Control

    Cooperative efforts from the developers at both Nestlé and SoftServe Smart Solutions allowed the creation of the state-of-the-art solution, which helped the client to: 

    • Detect and address system breakdowns
    • Remotely monitor and control microclimate within the company’s partner’s warehouses
    • Store and manage data obtained from numerous company’s points of control
    • The new climate management system helped Nestlé improve productivity, optimize business processes, and significantly reduce risks of products deterioration.
  • Big Data Web Analytics Platform on AWS

    Big Data Web Analytics Platform on AWS

    Yottaa adaptively manages, accelerates, and secures web applications in real-time, across the globe. The business founders recognized that online applications were becoming increasingly complex, distributed, and broad in scope of functionality. AWS proved to be an extremely effective time-to-market accelerator for the Operation Intelligence platform because no time was required for infrastructure deployment and configuration.

    SoftServe’s Big Data accelerators, experienced team, and effective cloud technologies—along with the client’s strong product vision—were crucial to the project’s success. The prototyping approach from PoC to full-featured production, proved effective and allowed the agreed business and technical goals to be achieved.

  • Reporting and Analytics Solution

    Reporting and Analytics Solution

    Kony, a fast growing next-gen mobile PaaS company, approached SoftServe with a set of architecture and development challenges. The need was to ensure the new Business Intelligence (BI) solution for the next-generation Mobile PaaS was cost effective, high performing, and scalable. Jaspersoft and AWS were used to meet the new PaaS platform reporting requirements based on the following factors:

    • Cost effectiveness
    • High performance and scalability
    • Self-service reporting
    • Embedded reporting

    The SoftServe development team, led by two full-time architects, delivered a next-generation solution, through dedicated efforts, effective collaboration, and ingenuity and innovation with the very latest tools and techniques in cloud-based software development.

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