By Iurii Regeda, David WilsonFeb 16, 2024
Google CloudHealthcare & Life Sciences

Enhance Healthcare Interoperability With Apigee Healthapix: 4 Use Cases

Four use cases: Enhance patient care, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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By Kelly DempskiFeb 12, 2024
Financial Services

Improve CX in Origination Flows To Increase Revenue and Retention

Improve customer acquisition and retention by optimizing your CX through streamlined origination flows. Get ahead of the competition and be ready to capitalize on changing economic trends.

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By Mariana ShchetynaJan 31, 2024
Cloud & DevOpsEducationGoogle CloudInnovation PlatformManaged Services

Bridging the Gap: Using Gen AI to Get Parents Engaged in Their Children's Education

How SoftServe used Gen AI to expand its tailored education platform AYO and foster increased parental engagement.

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By Anatoliy Lytovchenko, Taras Kholopkin, Sam Frish, Olha TerendiiJan 30, 2024
AutomotiveManufacturingNvidiaOperational EfficiencyR&D

Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure for the Industrial Metaverse

Discover how to select the best cloud infrastructure for your Industrial Metaverse, considering resources and real-time processing.

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By Iwona JozwiakJan 22, 2024
Data & AnalyticsOperational EfficiencyRetailSupply Chain

The Goldilocks Principle: Retail Inventory Optimization Through Predictive Demand Forecasting

Discover the power of machine learning in retail demand forecasting to reduce costs and build resilience.

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By Ana Kermekchieva, Anna StrelchukJan 18, 2024
Digital Products

Crafting Digital Products Success: 3 Challenges to Overcome

Overcome challenges in digital product initiatives with proven product management practices. Streamline efforts and drive success with SoftServe.

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By SoftServe TeamJan 04, 2024
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLRetailSupply Chain

Streamline Operations and Boost Customer Satisfaction With Generative AI

Discover Generative AI's power to optimize operations, enrich customer satisfaction, and outperform in the retail sector.

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By SoftServe TeamJan 04, 2024
Data & AnalyticsRetail

Protect Retail Data and Improve the Customer Experience Through Modernization 

Uncover how data modernization aids in leveraging analytics, optimizing operations, and a flawless customer experience.

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By SoftServe TeamJan 04, 2024
Operational EfficiencyRetailSupply Chain

Develop a Strategic Approach to Retail Supply Chain Tech Investments

Explore how SoftServe's strategic approach to retail supply chain tech investments can help enhance customer-centric strategies, maximize ROI, and boost competitiveness. Learn about leveraging new technologies for increased efficiency and resilience in your supply chain operations.

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By SoftServe TeamDec 22, 2023
Business AnalysisCloud & DevOpsData & AnalyticsDigital ProductsDXPExperience DesignInnovation PlatformIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManaged ServicesOperational EfficiencyQuality Management

SoftServe Named World’s 19th Largest Third-Party ES Provider

SoftServe has been ranked 19th in the 2023 Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50TM global report.

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