By SoftServe TeamJul 11, 2023
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Create Authentic Employee Experiences, Focus on Moments That Matter for Your Employees

Q&A about HR building strategies for better employee experiences after gaining insight at the 6th Annual EX Summit.

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By Genady ChybranovJul 06, 2023
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The Promise of the Metaverse

Discover how the metaverse may upend digital experiences leading to a new layer of the digital economy.

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By Oleksandr Yavlinsky, Betul BaykalJul 06, 2023
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Boosting Supply Chain Resilience With ESG Transparency

ESG transparency is key for a resilient supply chain. Here’s how to integrate data sources and drive visibility

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By Oleksandr YavlinskyJul 05, 2023
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Data-Driven Supply Chain Resilience

Grow your data maturity, gain visibility of your supply chain, and develop resilience against disruptions

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By Oleksandr YavlinskyJul 04, 2023
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Supply Chain Disruption-as-a-Rule

Why you need to preempt supply chain instability by developing data-driven resilience — and how you can do it

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By David Wilson, Iurii RegedaJul 03, 2023
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FHIR Certification: New Milestone in the Healthcare Data Interoperability Journey

SoftServe partners with Google’s Apigee to deliver Apigee HealthAPIx solutions

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By Robert MickensJun 29, 2023
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Overcome Interoperability Challenges: 3 Solutions for Seamless Data Exchange

Three solutions for seamless data exchange

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By Andrii RyzhkovJun 27, 2023
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Graph Neural Networks Will Strengthen Fight Against Financial Fraud

Graph neural networks are providing banks with new powerful tools to combat increasingly sophisticated threats of fraud.

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By Oleg KoropitaJun 26, 2023
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Embedded Finance: Facilitating Seamless Services and Partnerships

Discover how embedded finance partnerships drive profits by integrating financial services into business platforms.

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By SoftServe TeamJun 23, 2023
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Product Management Must Own AI/ML Technology at Software Companies

Only product management takes a rigorous approach to unlock and show AI/ML tech value to drive product innovation.

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