By Volodymyr Semenyshyn, Oleksandr YavlinskyApr 08, 2021

Smart Manufacturing with SoftServe

Your business needs an experienced advisory and execution partner to stand up to the competition and use SM's potential to the fullest.

  7 min read
By Adam GabraultMar 29, 2021

Building the Smart(er) Future of Digital Health Engagement

The Human360® digital experience platform harnesses healthcare payer and provider’s data streams. It transforms member or patient digital experiences, drives business innovation and insights, and enables a value-based care approach.

  3 min read
By Viktor KrasheninnikovMar 22, 2021
AWSBusiness AnalysisSoftware Development

Is Your Enterprise Ready To Migrate To The Cloud?

Softserve’s Migration Readiness Assessment Reduces Risk, Cuts Costs, and Saves Time.

  4 min read
By Andriy Shapochka, Chuck Ros, Ioanna PonaMar 18, 2021
Business Analysis

Look Before You Leap: Technical Due Diligence for Private Equity Firms

Technical due diligence captures perspectives necessary to evaluate the technology potential of a target.

  3 min read
By Ioanna Pona, Anna Strelchuk, Chuck RosMar 18, 2021
Business Analysis

Refocusing Traditional Due Diligence for Private Equity Firms

The need to forecast a deal’s success is critical for high-tech segment investments.

  5 min read
By Ioanna Pona, Anna Strelchuk, Chuck RosMar 17, 2021
Business Analysis

Product Due Diligence: Reducing The Doubt About An Investment Decision

Private equity organizations expose themselves to a risk of poor investment decisions if they skip expert evaluation of an acquisition target’s potential.

  7 min read
By Volodymyr SolskyyMar 01, 2021
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLSoftware Development

MLOps: Bridging the Gaps That Prevent Digital Transformation

Join our upcoming event and discover how to become an MLOps advocate for your organization.

  5 min read
By Taras Borovets, Lyubomyr DemkivJan 22, 2021
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLR&D

Spot Simulation Tools

Simulation tools accelerate robotics development.

  8 min read
By Oleksandr VashchenkoJan 22, 2021
SalesforceSoftware Development

Why We Need SFDX Transformation

How to improve Salesforce Development Experience command line in 2021.

  6 min read
By Anton KaidorinJan 19, 2021
Financial Services

How To Combat Trade-based Money Laundering

Trade-based money laundering (TBLM) became one of the major challenges to governments and intergovernmental bodies over the last 20 years.

  4 min read