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By Valentyn KropovMay 21, 2019

Need for Speed with Warehouse Counts

AI/ML to speed inventory management.

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By Valentyn KropovMay 08, 2019

Five Essential Inventory Management Techniques for The Warehouse

And one retail practice to stop immediately.

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By Valentyn KropovApr 08, 2019

Assess Retail Loyalty

So, how does your loyalty program stack up? Measure your retail loyalty program across these four areas.

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By Valentyn KropovJan 28, 2019

Retail Innovations for 2019: Getting Started

Looking to innovate in 2019? Take a look at recommendations for D2C, B2B, B2C, and CPG.

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By Valentyn KropovJun 02, 2018
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLRetail

AI + ML in Retail: Getting Started

Learn why and how to best implement AI and ML into your retail business.

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By Valentyn KropovApr 11, 2018

Shoptalk Takeaways: Top Retail Challenges & Solutions

See the top retail challenges and solutions that SoftServe heard at Shoptalk—and our demos that address each problem.

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By Valentyn KropovMar 05, 2018
Data & AnalyticsRetail

Big Data and Psychometrics: The Threshold of Change in Retail

Building the most accurate predictions of human behavior requires psychometric information, and the retail industry is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this.

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By Valentyn KropovFeb 03, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Configuring Kerberos for Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH)

Here's a step by step guideline to configure Kerberos in Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH).

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