By Michael PiotrowskiMar 27, 2024
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Personal Insight From One Gen AI Journey as You Embark on Yours

Unravel Gen AI through the lens of ServiceTrade CTO, Brian Smithwick. Discover his transformative journey.

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By Mykola Turskyi, Valentyna BashkatovaNov 07, 2023
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Introducing a Gen AI-Powered Chat Integration with Jira and Confluence Knowledge Base

Did you know that SoftServe helped create an impressive proof of concept (PoC) that has the potential to significantly improve the Jira and Confluence user experience? Read about it our latest article.

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By SoftServe TeamSep 13, 2023
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Find New Meaning in Structured and Unstructured Data With AWS

SoftServe’s in-depth experience in the healthcare and life sciences sector combined with AWS advanced technologies.

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By Ruslan KusovMay 18, 2023
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Invest in the Best: Why AWS Validated Partner Services Deliver Better Results

Discover how SoftServe’s scalable App Modernization Platform earned AWS’ Foundational Technical Review validation.

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By SoftServe TeamMay 18, 2023
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Sustainability Must Be Systemic

Discover why sustainability initiatives succeed when built into a company’s framework and how women are leading the way.

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By National Quantum Computing Hub Singapore (NQCH), Damyr Hadiiev, Jonas Tan Yick Wei May 16, 2023
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Expert Q&A – Go Behind the Scenes of the SoftServe and NQCH Quantum Bootcamp

Discover how this quantum bootcamp is unlike any other. SoftServe and NQCH experts dive into what sets it apart.

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By Jarosław GrząbelApr 11, 2023
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Drive Data-Backed Cost Optimization and Savings

Identify cost savings, improve performance, and optimize your cloud with SoftServe’s AWS Marketplace offering.

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By Jarosław GrząbelMar 31, 2023
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Avoid These AWS Cloud Optimization Mistakes

Learn the difference between just cutting costs and truly optimizing your cloud spend on AWS.

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By Thomas MuthFeb 28, 2023
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Banks Can Have Confidence in Secure IT Modernization Strategies

Banks are increasingly confident they can mitigate risks to see the benefits of IT modernization projects

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By SoftServe TeamDec 19, 2022
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Smart Contracts Modernize Trade Finance and Close the Trade Finance Gap

Learn how blockchain technology and smart contracts optimize and bring transparency to trade finance

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