By Alexander AmelinMar 22, 2018
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Prescriptive Patient Engagement

Engage with patients—digitally—to improve health outcomes

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By Ivan LeshkoMar 19, 2018
Financial Services

GDPR and its Integration with Blockchain

Blockchain has some big benefits for data protection and GDPR compliance

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By Jess VadinoMar 14, 2018

Recommendation vs. Personalization in Retail

Going beyond recommendation engines to personalization that creates loyalists

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By Ivan LeshkoMar 12, 2018
Data & AnalyticsFinancial Services

Banks Benefit When Customers Control Data with Blockchain

Learn how banks win in a time when customers can control their own data

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By Jess VadinoMar 07, 2018

Personalization as Key Currency for Retail

Customer loyalty is the new differentiator for retail—are you doing it well?

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By Taras KholopkinMar 06, 2018
Innovation Platform

Digital Innovation as a Mentality

Much of digital innovation revolves around first ensuring your company can adapt to the new

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By Valentyn KropovMar 05, 2018
Data & AnalyticsRetail

Big Data and Psychometrics: The Threshold of Change in Retail

Building the most accurate predictions of human behavior requires psychometric information, and the retail industry is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this.

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By Alexander AmelinFeb 27, 2018
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Manage Chronic Illness—Digitally

Improve patient outcomes through digital patient engagement

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By Anthony MazzucaFeb 05, 2018
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Join SoftServe at HIMSS18

Are you attending HIMSS18? If so, make sure to stop by our booth, #12646.

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By Guillaume KendallJan 25, 2018
Financial Services

Tailoring Your Bank to the 2018 Customer

As banks become more digital, is your company appealing to the modern customer?

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