SoftServe Offers 90-Day Free Trial of SoftServe Innovation Platform


Harness and activate ideas to collectively solve problems quickly in achieving sustainable business continuity during challenging times

AUSTIN, Texas—June 4, 2020SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, is offering a free trial of its SoftServe Innovation Platform for 90-days to help businesses operationalize ideas to solve problems, particularly during COVID-19. New users must sign-up during June to initiate the 90-day free trial for their company.

"An essential part of solving operational problems during a crisis is tapping into the collective creativity of your business with a platform that supports the ideas around which innovation thrives," said Taras Kholopkin, Transformation Platforms Director at SoftServe. "Whether it's quick fire 'shark tank' sessions for a startup, or long-term strategy planning for a Fortune 500, our SoftServe Innovation Platform facilitates collaboration, enablement, and activation of ideas to achieve structure and agility at a time when they’re needed most."


The SoftServe Innovation Platform is a key offering of SoftServe’s Innovation Practice. In concert with the company’s rapid prototyping service, a dedicated account executive works with you every step of the way to help frame the right questions, define challenges, and identify the best opportunities to deliver on those ideas.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can be felt around the world as businesses continue to shift focus to navigating day-to-day operations, with limited resources for developing a sustainable recovery plan. With a collaborative platform, you have a tangible asset to keep innovation going with a way to gather, test, and implement crowdsourced ideas for long-term solutions. In times of crisis, this allows businesses of every shape and size in every sector to be incredibly strategic.

Carolinas Alliance 4 Innovation (CA4I) is a South Carolina-based nonprofit public benefit corporation whose mission is to promote innovative solutions in transportation, infrastructure, engineering, and education for the purpose of economic development. CA4I is leveraging SoftServe Innovation Platform to gather responses about the barriers to employment for job seekers in Greenville, SC. This will help CA4I understand how mobility problems are a factor so it can optimize its Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution to help accelerate the post-COVID-19 economic recovery for South Carolina.

"SoftServe has enabled us to begin innovating systems and processes, as well as attracting innovative technologies and companies in our mission to promote economic and community development," said Fred Payne, former Greenville County Councilman and CA4I Board Member. "They have always shown creative ideas and dependable commitments toward solving challenges with innovative technology solutions. Words are inadequate to describe our deep appreciation of what SoftServe has done and how they have done it."

SoftServe Innovation Platform uses a three-step approach that helps you capture and rapidly turn good ideas into great ones, and translate these into actions and outcomes.

Capture, Discuss, and Prioritize Ideas—Involve your employees, partners, and customers to contribute, collaborate, discover, and problem-solve.

Refine and Test Concepts—While ideation is a key aspect of innovation, the real difference lies in how quickly companies learn from experiments. The SoftServe Innovation Platform is unique, as it takes you beyond simply gathering ideas so your business can maximize the velocity of experimentation through rapid prototyping, collaborative reviews, surveys, usability testing, and other validation methods.

Take Action—Craft a well-planned execution strategy for how to turn your great ideas into actions that drive outcomes and value for your business.

If you’re ready to see how SoftServe Innovation Platform can enable your business to identify opportunities and quickly turn ideas into successful outcomes that solve your toughest problems, please visit SoftServe Innovation Platform for more details.

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