SoftServe Innovation Platform™

Ideate. Iterate. Deliver.

Most innovation fails, but the growing majority of business leaders are investing in innovation and R&D to achieve competitive differentiation and growth objectives. Achieving the innovation imperative requires both the right platform AND the right program.


End-to-end innovation for as little as $5 per month.


Why SoftServe Innovation Platform™

SoftServe Innovation Platform™ is a true, end-to-end business solution enabling all-inclusive ideation, prototype design, and market testing before building a winning product. Our global team of innovation experts help you get the most from our interconnected modules to ensure innovation success, and turn your best ideas into dollars.

  • Increase Revenue through Idea Generation

    • Gather ideas from people with diverse backgrounds and expertise
    • Involve partners and customers as valuable assets to gain ideas and feedback beyond the organization
    • Identify new income streams through transformational innovation, identifying new business opportunities
  • Optimize Costs through Process Efficiency

    • Reduce costs by optimizing internal processes
    • Scale efforts and solutions—faster
    • Crowdsource ideas regardless of employee location
    • Shorten time-to-value & time-to-market with higher success rates
  • Build an Innovation Culture

    • Encourage idea generation across departments and individuals within the enterprise
    • Support diverse and varying points of view
    • Work cross-functionally to ideate and iterate—at scale

How we innovate

At SoftServe, we know that real innovation success lies in velocity and cost of market validation. Our SoftServe Innovation Platform™ features a three-stage process, backed by actionable data, and true end-to-end collaboration.

Core features

  • 01Ideate
  • 02Iterate
  • 03Deliver
  • 04Analytics
  • 05Collaboration
    Create, collect, discuss, and prioritize ideas—then store and share files. Invite both internal and external partners and customers to create, discover, contribute, and problem-solve.
    Systematically refine your ideas into market-validated concepts ready for implementation. Verify your concepts, assumptions, and market feasibility through an iterative process. Collect feedback, analyze results, and refine the concept from a singular point.
    Accelerate the implementation and maintenance of your idea. Create a well-planned approach the drives outcomes and value for your business. Deliver the best customer experience, with the highest quality solution, in the most efficient way.
    Leverage analytics from previous projects to avoid learning the same lessons twice. Innovation Platform delivers advanced data at each stage of the process for greater insights to reveal untapped possibilities.
    Desktop or mobile—expand collaboration between all stakeholders with effective commenting and tracking from anywhere in the connected world.

Use cases

  • Innovation management
  • New product development
  • Remote workshops
  • Build a culture of engagement and experimentation
  • Innovation hackathons with сlients and partners


Innovate anywhere on IOS or Android native mobile

Turn your ideas into dollars with the right platform and program. Successfully engage, experiment, iterate, and deliver faster with SoftServe Innovation Platform™.


For small teams or those testing the water. No risk or fear of failure.

  • Up to 100 users
  • End-to-end innovation processes
  • Standard workflow



per user thereafter
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Single sign-on for 100+ teams. Most popular option for all but the largest enterprises.

  • Unique domain
  • Up to 10,000 users
  • Custom innovation process
  • Flexible workflows
  • Unique validation canvases
  • Two service desk levels
  • Core integrations
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Highest innovation, integration & support. Our standard solution, plus:

  • 10,000+ users
  • Premium support
  • Advanced integrations
  • Innovation consulting
  • Company training
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