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Our Microsoft Healthcare Expertise

SoftServe enables healthcare and life science organizations to adapt and succeed in the digital decade. We deliver measurable business value and improve patient outcomes by developing and providing customized technology solutions.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Consumer Engagement

Allow all healthcare users to take action to improve their health, make informed decisions, and interact effectively and efficiently with the complete healthcare ecosystem

Human360º Platform For Virtual Clinical Trials

The Human360º platform transforms sponsor, investigator, and digital patient experiences when conducting virtual clinical trials by adding efficiencies and lowering costs.

Life Science Data Platform

Designed for life science pipelines, SoftServe's Life Science Data Platform streamlines a data-intense process and enhances access, exchange, and analytics of research data.

Areas Of Healthcare Focus

  • 01Improve Patient Experience

    Digital technology advancements are dramatically changing the healthcare ecosystem for the better. In the age of consumer-centric care, SoftServe collaborates with payers, providers, and life science professionals to deliver effective strategies and technologies for AI-driven consumer empowerment that blend physical engagement with digital solutions. We put the patient at the center of everything we do. Our work for our clients improves access to care, streamlines patient experiences, helps improve clinical outcomes, and saves lives.


    Intelligent Data Management — Accelerating of data management solutions and migrating towards data procurement and curation of data with data governance accelerators for healthcare data reference mapping

    Omni-channel Enablement — Orchestration of a consistent, personalized experience and communications across channels and Next Best Actions and Intelligent Profiling


    Azure Migrate, Recovery Services Vault, Azure Active Directory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory

  • 02Optimize Healthcare Operations
  • 03Increase Business Competitiveness

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