DemoDec 17, 2019

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Introduce a solid IT governance routine today to make sure your future application portfolio is strong. 

WhitepaperDec 10, 2019

Phygital Experience Strategy

Phygital is depictive of how physical and online retail channels are merging, blurring, and influencing each other in innovative ways.

DemoDec 05, 2019
Financial Services

Robo Advisor—Private Wealth Solution

Bring reliability, convenience, transparency and accessibility for managing private wealth investments.

Case StudyDec 04, 2019

SoftServe Helps Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider Implement Centralized Platform in 3000 Clinics with Google Spanner

The platform’s estimated support load includes 3,000 clinics, 200,000 patients, 100M orders (critical volume), and 57,000 users (1,000 concurrent users).

Case StudyNov 25, 2019

AI-Enabled Mapping Leveraging Natural Language Processing Decreases Onboarding Time of New Customers for SkillDirector

SoftServe developed an AI-enabled solution for automatic mapping of top learning activities per each task.

Case StudyNov 15, 2019

Shoptelligence Proves AI-module ROI Value to Clients with GCP-based Data Analytics Dashboards

Shoptelligence’s client’s needed to see the ROI from its AI modules in order to retain current clients and use their success to attract new ones.

InfographicsNov 13, 2019

Big Data. Big Deal.

The need for big data warehousing, management, and monetization is only getting bigger.

InfographicsNov 05, 2019
Media & Entertainment

CPQ Benefits for Media

Shorten media sales cycles, improve productivity, and reduce errors with CPQ.

Case StudyNov 05, 2019

Leading Realty Company Builds UX Friendly Website to Realize Competitive Differentiation

The company’s goal was to become the #1 realty company in Texas and eventually the US market.

DemoOct 31, 2019
Energy, Oil & Gas

Geo VR—Geo Data Layers in Virtual Reality

Enjoy full interaction with geo data layers in virtual reality.