InfographicsOct 29, 2019
Media & Entertainment

CPQ for Smarter Media Sales

How CPQ drives intelligent media selling.

Case StudyOct 29, 2019

AWS Supported Automated Deployment Process Brings Cost Savings and Decreased Time to Market for goTransverse

The specific project goal was scalability. Production environments required automation of management procedures and consistency.

Client TestimonialOct 25, 2019

Maarten Metz, Director of Quality Assurance at goTransverse

We are going after a lot of different verticals and in a lot of instances SoftServe already has experience in those verticals so that will benefit us from a business perspective.

InfographicsOct 22, 2019

Three Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Software Development

Improve software with AI.

InfographicsOct 21, 2019

Lower Healthcare Costs, Increase Payer Profitability

Transformative technology allows payers to remain competitive.

DemoOct 18, 2019

Touch My Heart—Immersive Medical Experience

The SoftServe R&D team, in cooperation with Ultraleap, created a touchable hologram for use in various healthcare applications, such as medical training or telemedicine.

WhitepaperOct 17, 2019
Media & Entertainment

Why Media Needs CPQ

Enterprise media must automate configuration, pricing, and quoting

InfographicsOct 10, 2019

Transformative Technology Engages Members

How healthcare payers create a consumer-centric model with technological advances.

InfographicsOct 09, 2019

Why Design Thinking Works for Retail

Design thinking empowers employees to become more effective, motivated, and focused on quality, while paving the way for a human-centric company culture.

InfographicsOct 08, 2019

AI Enhancing Software Development

Leverage AI to create scalable coding.