DemoJul 22, 2020

People Counting—Anti-COVID Solution

Help your customers and employees stay safe indoors. Maintain social distancing with the new camera-based approach that counts people inside the shop.

InfographicsJul 21, 2020

Omnichannel Healthcare Access via Engagement Platforms

Shift from reactive to preventative care by allowing multiple stakeholders to access need-to-know, secure data across the full healthcare ecosystem with Healthcare Engagement platforms.

DemoJul 16, 2020
Energy, Oil & Gas

Exploration Data Navigation Platform

Powered by cloud and machine learning, our platform enables easier structuring and processing of documents to navigate through any seismic and well-log data.

InfographicsJul 14, 2020
Financial Services

Cloud in Banking: Focus on Efficiency and Scalability, Not Just Cost Savings

As cloud use grows, banks must focus on efficiency.

Case StudyJul 02, 2020

SoftServe’s Innovation Platform Supports Hack the New World Hackathon Ideation

SoftServe partnered with Hack the New World Hackathon to provide the Innovation Platform as the single place for ideation, selection, and voting on ideas.

WhitepaperJul 02, 2020

TRENDS: Non-Contact Biometric Identification

Implement new biometric identification solutions in response to a new normal.

InfographicsJul 01, 2020

Amazon Knows Big Data

Amazon delivers superior big data and cloud data warehousing service.

DemoJun 26, 2020

Healthcare Consumer Engagement Platform

Allow all healthcare users to take action to improve their health, make informed decisions, and interact effectively and efficiently with the complete healthcare ecosystem.

Case StudyJun 24, 2020

Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform™ Accelerates Cloud-Based Services Integration for Softserve HR Management

SoftServe sought to significantly improve its HR management capabilities to support rapid company growth.

InfographicsJun 23, 2020

Move Beyond Ineffective Patient Portals

SoftServe cooperates with global healthcare payers and providers to provide next-level solutions, which result in improved consumer engagement, experiences, and outcomes.