Avoid Systems Slowdowns

Our client is a manufacturing solutions partner with customers across multiple industries. The client paid significant recurring annual licensing fees and operational costs associated with using both a Pegasystems (Pega) automation solution and Microsoft Office365.

Automation with Pega spanned a large scope of their business processes, but the goal was a complete migration to the Microsoft Power Platform.


SoftServe’s solution prioritized business processes, allowing the client to rapidly:

  • Optimize license payments
  • Reduce their number of vendors
  • Unify automation solutions
  • Simplify automation infrastructure and maintenance
  • Save operational costs

The SoftSeve team delivered a proof of concept within a limited timeframe to confirm the strategy and capability of Microsoft Power Platform to perform the large-scale automation the client required.

Regular early demo sessions and subsequent participatory testing facilitated efficient development of automated front-end user interface forms and back-end workflows.

Additionally, we provided:

  • Successful initial automation of key business processes
  • A roadmap for the remainder of OKRs
  • Retention of the look and feel of original applications
  • Rapid deployment and adoption

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