ROS Automation Testing for Wheeled and Legged Mobile Robots

Building and testing applications for robots has historically been a complicated and time-consuming process. With AWS RoboMaker’s cutting-edge automated testing for virtual environments, integrating new features to your robots and confirming that they work is easier than ever.

Why Bother with Robot Software Automation Testing

Testing in robotics is as important as in other software development domains. The sooner you find an issue, the easier it can be fixed. We can divide software testing into two types: manual and automated tests.

When it comes to manual testing in robotics, there are certain challenges:

  • Test execution takes a lot of time
  • Manual tests cannot be easily scaled to different environments and require expensive hardware

Automated testing in a simulated virtual environment allows you to:

  • Check robot behavior in a large number of environments with different scenarios, so one can find more bugs compare to a manual test
  • Provide software developers with more immediate feedback about their applications and if they match with correct robot behavior

In this white paper, we’ll present the benefits of AWS RoboMaker, and how it enables you to easily run a wide variety of simulations while receiving much faster results.

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