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Apigee X Migration for Innovative API Marketplace

Learn how Vodafone developed an API Marketplace with SoftServe on Google Cloud Apigee X.

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New Approaches Pave Way for Safe Gen AI Deployment

Get the latest industry trends, and insights from SoftServe thought leaders and experts.


SoftServe's Worker's Safety Solution

Mitigate workplace injuries, fatalities, and unsafe behaviors using the power of data analytics and computer vision.

Energy, Oil & GasGenerative AI

Leverage Physics-Driven AI for Energy Innovation

Discover SoftServe's innovative solutions for the energy sector, leveraging physics-informed machine learning and Nvidia Modulus. Enhance energy distribution, optimize oil extraction and meet complex challenges in the energy industry.

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Where Is Generative AI’s Transformational Value Hiding?

Explore the potential of Gen AI. Learn about data readiness, governance, skill development, and key strategies for organizations.

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Efficiency and Sustainability in LLM Deployment

Explore the nuances of making Large Language Models (LLMs) more efficient and sustainable. Understand the computational and environmental challenges in AI deployment, and discover innovative optimization approaches.

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Unlock the Power of Your Data

Discover data monetization strategies for SaaS to drive innovation, boost revenue, and stand out in the market.

Case Study
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SailPoint Technologies: Revolutionize Identity Security With SoftServe and AWS

Discover how SailPoint widened their demo catalog and reduced costs by 40% with SoftServe and AWS' solutions.


Mastering Software Development

Here’s your guide to transitioning from Waterfall to Agile, then accelerating with metrics, predictability, and process mining

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SoftServe Metaverse

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