WebinarDec 13, 2017

Voice Enabled Healthcare

Learn about the current trends and challenges in healthcare industries and how to apply voice AI to maintaining individual health.

InfographicsDec 04, 2017

Empowering Patients: Personalizing Digital Healthcare

Top security risks to watch for as healthcare becomes more mobile

InfographicsNov 27, 2017

Making Healthcare Secure On the Go

Top security risks to watch for as healthcare becomes more mobile

InfographicsNov 15, 2017

The Price of Medical Data Hacks

Healthcare organization hacks are on the rise—learn the reasons behind the costs

InfographicsOct 31, 2017
Financial Services

The Value of Experience Design in Financial Services

Comparative metrics that prove the need for a superior customer experience.

InfographicsOct 27, 2017
Financial Services

Meeting the Digital Demands of Financial Consumers

See what affluent millennials think about the digital offerings of current banking and financial institutions.

InfographicsOct 26, 2017

Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Healthcare Technology

See the areas where healthcare providers can utilize technology to engage patients.

WebinarOct 26, 2017
Financial Services

Overhauling Financial Services Software from Outdated to Innovative

Take a fresh look at the options available for your BFSI business, or get some inspiration on how to move forward with our webinar.

InfographicsOct 24, 2017

Security Hacks and the Healthcare Industry

Substantial security attacks from 2017, the cost and reach of the breach

InfographicsOct 17, 2017

Ransomware in Healthcare by the Numbers

Ransomware attacks are on the rise—and have serious consequences for healthcare companies.