WhitepaperApr 04, 2017

Transforming Media Experiences with Modern Platforms

In this whitepaper, SoftServe VP of Digital Media Matt Kollmorgen explores how digital platforms are influencing the media industry.

Case StudyMar 13, 2017

AWS Microsoft Workload: Why SoftServe?

As an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS since 2014, we continually demonstrate our commitment to developing industry leading solutions and to provide an integrated experience to our clients who utilize AWS for Microsoft workloads.

WhitepaperFeb 28, 2017

How Design Thinking Can Transform Dying Organizations

In this whitepaper, SoftServe VP Matt McBride explores design thinking and its role in digital transformation.

BrochureFeb 22, 2017

SoftServe Human 360 Accelerators

SoftServe 360™ Accelerators leverage web & mobile technologies to help healthcare companies build reliable solutions.

Case StudyFeb 15, 2017

Connected Healthcare App for Outcomes Based Healthcare (OBH)

Meet Sense360, a smartphone app for OBH which finds behavioral patterns correlated with wellness among patients with diabetes.

WhitepaperJan 25, 2017

Building a Business Case for the Digital Enterprise

How to motivate stakeholders to invest in Digital Transformation

WhitepaperJan 25, 2017

SoftServe Digital Transformation Report 2017

This report covers different levels of maturity when it comes to exploring strategies for digital transformation.

WhitepaperJan 10, 2017

Digital Strategies for Future-Proofing Your Business in 2017

F ind out how digital innovation and an exceptional customer experience enable long-term business growth.

Case StudyDec 14, 2016

Agile Transformation for Kyivstar

To improve TTM and effectively respond to changes in the market, our client asked SoftServe to help with SDLC process transformation and optimization.

WhitepaperNov 29, 2016
Financial Services

Three Fintech Success Stories and the Technology that Drives Them

The first step toward establishing a digital competency is understanding the technology trends driving today’s fintech industry.