According to Gartner®,
change-related stress can result in


lost for every $1b in revenue and a 5% productivity loss

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According to Prosci,
organizations are

more likely to achieve objectives with an excellent change management strategy

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Organizational Alignment

Engaging the workforce starts with leadership. Changing habits, processes, and mindsets requires understanding what motivates a workplace. A successful strategy relies on leaders who enact it. Understanding leadership goals and objectives to validate business user and system alignment is critical to project success.

We’ll take you through a 3-day workshop to discuss your long-term vision, ambitions, and objectives.

By establishing the desired future state, we ensure that:

  • All strategic initiatives drive and enable continued and sustainable success
  • Clients are investing in outcome led solutions
  • A comprehensive and effective framework can be established to quantify their route to success.


  • Empower business leadership to meet and exceed change objectives

Value Management

Driving change requires organization-wide commitment to drive user adoption and sustain long term success.

Assuming change will happen in isolation will hinder your chances at true transformative success. At SoftServe we focus on ensuring the organization is ready, willing, and able to work as intended in the desired state.


  • Mitigate Resistance
  • Resolve existing organizational pain points

Performance Management

Organization-wide commitment is where it starts. While technology underpins an organization’s infrastructure and ability, it’s the workforce that drives the change. We provide skills and knowledge necessary to keep the momentum going, maximize ROI, and obtain full user adoption.


  • Consultant support throughout entire project lifecycle
  • Establish minimum viable output for a successful project
  • Ensure those benchmarks are met

Benefits Realization Management

Understanding what an organization wants to achieve in the long term helps us ensure that strategic initiative investments will produce the desired outcome and return of investment.

Whatever your long-term objectives are, we help you build an internal capability to turn these into tangible and trackable outputs.



  • Elimination or reduction of wasted investment
  • Improved ROI
  • Improvement and validated investment portfolio
  • Provide alignment and clear links between the program and the strategic objectives.
  • Clear links between the program and the strategic objectives.
  • Improved organization wide performance

Our Implementation Cycle

Our expertise lies in our ability to create organizational capability to embed strategic change.

  • 01Understanding the drivers of change

    • Vision: Strategy, vision, process, and principles of the Target Operating Model clearly supported by the business benefits of the incoming change
    • As-is Analysis: Analyze current state of people, processes, and technology currently in place and the scope for change
  • 02Identify and prioritize change strategy

    • Define Future: Establish and document how the organization will operate in the desired state across people, processes, and technology
    • Gap Analysis: Conduct detailed Change Impact Assessments of the current and desired states to capture changes
  • 03Assess Change Readiness and Risk

    • Change Strategy: Develop a comprehensive change strategy. Plan and build an internal team. Recognize risks. Identify changes to policies, processes, and manuals
    • Inform and Support: Create a training needs analysis identifying knowledge gaps. Support the analysis with an effective communications plan and deliver training
  • 04Execute and Reinforcement

    • Readiness Checks: Determine and assess users' readiness, willingness, and ability to start working in the desired outcome. Provide support as needed.
    • Drive Adoption: Monitor and facilitate the organization’s adoption in real time