Engineering Services

SoftServe’s expertise is rooted in technology—from digital product innovation, to total business transformation. Our engineering services provide the fundamental building blocks to make technology work across the enterprise. SoftServe’s software development and quality management experts orchestrate all the intricacies of software implementation, configuration, and testing. Business analyst and solution architecture teams use proven methodology to align stakeholders and internal teams on product requirements. Dedicated and operational teams provide the tactical services needed for rapid deployment and ongoing support. Streamline and optimize your technology infrastructure through an agile approach to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.


Software engineering is at the heart of what we do. SoftServe’s engineers bring years of strategic planning and technical expertise to deliver results. We oversee and execute on every phase of development, from ideation through end-user testing. Trust SoftServe’s engineering team to manage all stages of the development cycle—from brainstorming to post-delivery support. Our agile approach enables you to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.

  • Reduce operational costs and increase productivity through agile processes.
  • Flawless integration of teams and processes to minimize downtime and speed execution.
  • End-to-end project oversight and management, ensuring issues are identified and managed before they become problems.


Software testing and quality management is based on a simple premise: define the ideal quality and ensure the final product functions and performs to that ideal—as efficiently as possible. SoftServe foresees possible issues and production gaps causing delays, errors, and change requests. Our experts then define and optimize a reliable, predictable, and efficient testing process using best practices and proprietary accelerators to support development of qualitative software.

  • Proactive quality risk prediction, identification, and prevention.
  • Test solution, framework and tool development and deployment.
  • Cost reduction and productivity improvement by leveraging test automation.


Solutions architecture (SA) is foundational for all software development and design activities. SA balances system quality attributes, business goals, and technical requirements to develop an elegant, customized solution. SoftServe’s architects support the full development cycle from early ideation, through to design and ongoing architecture support during the implementation.

  • Analyzing complex software systems for architectural risks, technical debt, and modernization capabilities.
  • Continuous communication between business and technical stakeholders to ensure changes and adjustments are captured and implemented .
  • Smooth and efficient architecture governance process for the project implementation .


Time-to-market for successful products are getting shorter, while customer expectations are increasing. Business analysts (BAs) ensure that stakeholder needs, business context, and solution value are captured quickly and comprehensively for end product delivery. SoftServe works closely with clients to establish product foundations, ideate and define the best solution to address needs, frame solution vision and scope, define roadmap and backlog, and drive implementation for the highest quality product—with on-time delivery. 

  • Clear vision, goals, expectations and success criteria achieved through stakeholder alignment.
  • Business case, roadmap and scope are based on market data, user research and feasible alternatives ensuring integration of business, market and user requirements.
  • Cost-effective solutions and accelerated time-to-market through less rework, clear scope, and effective processes.


One minute of downtime costs enterprises thousands of dollars. Ensure your technology infrastructure remains operable and secure with SoftServe’s managed operations support. Our engineers also guide internal teams through the release process, helping IT departments to optimize infrastructure and applications.

  • 24/7 monitoring, incident management, automated testing, and fixing.
  • Full ticket management from initiation through resolution and preventive deployment .
  • Expedient issue remediation adhering to the most stringent client service level agreements (SLAs).


SoftServe’s manages the entire product development process from ideation to end user testing. Using design thinking methodology, we lead our clients in: envisioning an ideal solution, validating design through prototyping, developing and implementing innovation, and optimizing for increased sustainability. 

  • Empathetic, human-centric product design and development for the highest customer experience.
  • Full-scale management and integration of internal/external customer requirements, use cases, and feedback.
  • Exceeded expectations through on-time delivery, high quality, and continuous innovation.