Application Security

Leaving data vulnerable makes it a prime target for attacks. Avoid any costly project delays by identifying vulnerabilities and hidden risks earlier. With penetration testing, Software Architecture analysis, and secure SDLC, real-time identification of security vulnerabilities helps keep your data one step ahead.


  • Establish enterprise-grade application security program to drive security-focused software development
  • Enables threat-driven secure software development approach to strengthen security architecture and posture
  • Identify code-level vulnerabilities, run-time security defects, and app logic flaws

Cloud & Infrastructure Security

Security is more than installing antivirus software. Understanding the current risks and what’s required to achieve a desired level of security protection for cloud computing assets can help mitigate risk exposure, prevent incidents before they occur, and keep operations running.


  • Understand current risks, compliance issues, and security posture of the cloud-computing environment with a white-box approach for a security assessment
  • Reduced costs with early detection and resolution of defects
  • Stakeholder awareness of security considerations
  • Embedded security culture across entire lifecycle

Risk & Security Compliance

Security standards are constantly changing. This requires enterprises to rely on constant and vigilant monitoring to maintain active compliance. Compliance requirements are placed at the center of all application layering, making sure everything remains in full alignment with international security standards.


  • Analysis of environment, business processes, and security in compliance with international security standards and best practices requirements
  • Constant adherence to continuously changing regulations
  • Minimized risk of external and internal threats to data and systems
  • Protection of data confidentiality, availability, and integrity

In 2023 SoftServe has received positive SOC 2 Type 2 report demonstrating its commitment to data security, privacy and regulatory compliance.

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    Digital attacks are increasing in sophistication and it is not enough to simply have a static, reactive security system in place. Keeping ahead of threats requires proactive monitoring systems, business customization, dynamic processes and constant vigilance.
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