The reality of software development projects

Bad processes create risk & waste

of product managers said their processes are ill-defined and unclear
of developer time is wasted because of inefficient processes
of software projects are late, over-budget, or don’t ship

Transform your reality with DevIQ – our customers can save up to 20% of their software development budget.

What is DevIQ?

DevIQ is a Software Advisory Service for companies using Agile Frameworks in their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).​ It's like having an x-ray view into your development process.

DevIQ significantly improves software development life cycles by uncovering valuable insights and strategically applying process mining principles and tools like Bloomfilter. DevIQ marks a new era in software projects: amplifying efficiency, predictability, and observability in your SDLC on Jira Cloud or Github.​
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Improving software development
Get everyone in the company aligned on priorities and execution status​
Understand risks and the expected value of incremental investments​
Slash $1 million or more in waste from your software development process.*​

Benefits of using process mining

  • 01
    Improved efficiency

    Improving process efficiency by identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, to determine areas that require corrective action.​

  • 02
    Increased Predictability

  • 03
    Complete visibility

  • 04
    Collaboration and transparency

  • 05
    Strategic alignment

ROI Calculator

Enter your company details

Represents the sum of individuals involved in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.
Refers to the count of individuals serving as Project Managers (PMs) or Scrum Masters (SMs) within a team or organization.
Average number of additional costs beyond employee wages or inventory expenses. OR Average total expense for each person involved in the SDLC.
Refers to the overall expenses incurred from delaying planned projects each month.

Total Annual Burdened Staff Cost

Total Annual Burdened Staff costs: is the complete amount an organization spends to employ a staff member for a year, including all expenses and benefits.

Process Waste Savings (Annual)

Est. Process Waste Reduction

Process Waste Reduction


Manual Reporting Savings (Annual)

Est. PM Reporting Time Savings

Manual Reporting Savings


Late/Missed Deliverable Savings (Annual)

Est. Late/Missed Deliverable Savings

Late/Missed Deliverable Savings


Total estimated savings

Total Savings

Estimated Potential Savings (Annual)



Estimated Return on Investment (All-In)


Ensure all mandatory fields are filled out to obtain your result.

DevIQ Assessment & Bloomfilter Costs


Estimated costs that a company could incurred while accessing to this Advisory Service.

SDLC Process Remediation Costs

Refers to the expenses incurred in correcting or improving the SDLC procedures, just for estimation purposes.

DevIQ Advisory Services Timeline

  • Assessment Phase

    Approximately 10 days

  • Optimization Phase

    1-3 months

  • Acceleration Phase

    4-6 months

  • Approximately 10 days

    SoftServe’s agile and product management experts use process mining technology to assess and diagnose software development effectiveness. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the historical data generated by your development teams in Jira Cloud and GitHub, utilizing the Bloomfilter platform.

    • Process Mining Installation
    • SDLC Assessment & Recommendations
    • Remediation Roadmap
    • Implementation Proposal
  • 1-3 months

    SoftServe consultants use assessment outcomes and work with your team to improve Agile processes, address skills gaps, fine-tune the use of systems and tools, and identify best practices to incorporate them. We develop an advisory program to guide you every step of the way towards reaching your deliverables.

    • Implementation of Immediate Recommendations
    • SDLC Tools Modification (as required)
    • Process Change Management
  • 4-6 months

    After using Bloomfilter for a period of several months, but not exceeding one year, and implementing the remediation recommendations, we’ll meet again to assess your progress. This phase is focused on identifying current gaps, exploring new capabilities, and achieving a leadership position in innovation.

    • Implementation of Long-Term Recommendations
    • Change Management Recommendations
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