by  Paul Hartjen

The 4 Dimensions of Retail Personalization

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For retailers, there are four dimensions to personalization maturity: data, technology, process, and experience.

4 Dimensions


Data is at the heart of personalization. Leveraging first-party data, and incorporating third-party data, retailers can get a better picture of who the customer is beyond basic demographics. Retailers can then identify the “right” data points for the brand and for the customer. What are his likes and dislikes? What is his lifestyle? What channels does he use? What has he recently browsed or purchased?


Technology boils down to digital maturity: optimizing efficiency and leveraging new technologies within the infrastructure to deliver compelling engagement. From beacons, to sensors, to wearables, and more—is the right technology being used to best meet customer needs? If there are several elements that don’t interact, how can they be integrated? Does the technology work for both the business and for the customer? Does it provide value, and is it engaging? Will the custome r actually use it?


Success in today’s digital economy depends on changing processes to enable seamless interactions between physical and online locations for the customer. Therefore, retailers need to rethink their interactions with customers. Is it difficult to make a purchase, change a color option, or find the desired item? Are the interactions too generic? Could a more cutting-edge experience be delivered?


Experience maturity is measured by how well a retailer interacts with each customer across all channels. Is the experience tailored to the customer’s preferences? Is it a frictionless shopping experience from online to mobile to in-store? Are there immersive, in-store options for customers who prefer a high-touch experience? Is the customer engaging? Are experiences being made more valuable?

Interested in learning more about personalization maturity? Read our white paper, “Digital Remastering: The Personalization Mix.”

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