5 Things to Look for in Your Ideal Technology Partner

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If you would like to ensure you're as close as you can be to your customers and are running the best and most appropriate technology stack for your company’s or client’s needs, you should consider having a cooperative partnership with a reliable technology partner.

Here are 5 characteristics to look for in your future technology partner.

1. They are well-recognized for the projects they’ve developed

Has your potential technology partner won any prestigious awards in their area of expertise? If they are doing an outstanding job, then they should be getting recognition for it. Do some research to find out what kind of reputation they have among their clients, as well as any recognition from well-known organizations for successful projects and exceptional knowledge. If their reputation confirms their reliability, then these could be the perfect people for your project.

2. They have helped clients with projects similar to yours

It’s time to take a closer look at your potential technology partner’s digital portfolio. Has your potential technology partner worked on projects in the past that resemble the one you are planning? Have they already done a similar project on Sitecore ECMS, or developed an e-commerce shop in a way that is perfectly suited to your needs? The more experience they have with the nuts and bolts of your project, the more seamless the delivery of your project is likely to be. If they know how to handle most of the issues before they even get down to work, you’re guaranteed a faster and more efficient turnaround.

Do some research: explore the website of your potential technology partner, look for the case studies of their previous projects, and ask for testimonials from their clients.

3. They have worked on international projects and with big brands

International projects are a great challenge and an oppo rtunity to learn specific set of skills. Possessing such skills is increasingly important wherever you are—the more international your prospective IT partner is, the more flexible, skillful, and open-minded they have to be! Having one global IT associate gives you more opportunities, and it’s more likely that collaboration will go smoothly, and with a better comprehension of your project needs.

4. They communicate their ideas well

To ensure a good fit, your future technology partner should know how to translate their technical ideas into layman’s terms. Ask them to prepare a list of ideas for you and explain how they can help you to bring your business to the next level. Are they really immersed in the topic and excited about doing project together? If the answer is yes, trust yourself and jump in!

5. They have years of experience

You wouldn’t want to work on IT projects without tech professionals, right? Choosing a technology partner with a well-established brand is a must. Concentrate on essentials: How many years have they successfully pursued projects? How has their approach changed over time? Do they still challenge themselves? Choose an IT partner that, despite years in the industry, is still sound on the market and able to provide better expertise to partners and clients.

The right technology partner will give you a variety of options and benefits to ensure that they’re a good fit for your business. SoftServe can translate your ideas, design and strategy into workable technology solutions, allowing you greater freedom to get creative with your clients and focus on their digital marketing future, whilst we look after the technical delivery.

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