Будь ласка, встановіть портретну (вертикальну) орієнтацію на пристрої

by Taras Bachynskyy Жов 12, 2016

Data & Analytics

Big Data Warehousing with Elasticsearch

Here's how to address Big Data warehousing with Elasticsearch.

by Andrii Pastushok Вер 12, 2016

Software Development

Product Development Services 2.0: Startup Success for Venture Capitalists

Why Product Development Services 2.0 may be venture capitalists' panacea ensuring startups' success.

by Oleksandr Berchenko Сер 10, 2016

Data & Analytics Software Development

Cassandra + Spark SQL Performance (including DSE 5.0)

This post focuses on quick and dirty performance comparison of different Cassandra + Spark options.

by Taras Hnot, Tetiana Gladkikh, Volodymyr Solskyy Сер 06, 2016

Data & Analytics

Bitcoin Analytics: The Principles of Network Development, Part 1

Bitcoin: brief history of the digital currency network, with the most influential nodes, patterns, and changes over time.

by Sergii Porokh Сер 02, 2016

Software Development

8 Issues Moving MS SQL Cluster from BareMetal to AWS

Here are the eight most common challenges that can crop up during an MS SQL migration from BareMetal to AWS.

by Oleksandr Berchenko Лип 22, 2016

Data & Analytics Software Development

Setup Cassandra + Spark + Tableau (including DSE 5.0)

Here's how to configure Cassandra + Spark + Tableau including DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 5.0

by Pavlo Vedilin Лип 14, 2016

Quality Management

Skype Automation: Bulk Renaming of Contacts with PowerShell

Automation hocus-pocus: forget about manual Skype contacts renaming with PowerShell & a small additional library.

by Oleksandra Klevets Чер 27, 2016

Data & Analytics Software Development

Running Cassandra with Cloudera Manager

Here're the benefits of Cassandra and CDH integration that can be deployed and managed through Cloudera Manager.

by Volodymyr Shram Чер 13, 2016

DevOps & Cloud

3 Best Practices for Dev/Test in the Cloud with Azure

Here are the top three Dev/Test practices to derive the maximum benefits from Microsoft Azure cloud service.

by Sergii Porokh Тра 23, 2016

DevOps & Cloud

StackStorm: DevOps to ChatOps

StackStorm: why is ChatOps becoming so popular nowadays?

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