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Industry 4.0: Adapting and Thriving in the Face of Market Disruption

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A new industrial revolution, dubbed "Industry 4.0," is transforming manufacturing by synthesizing data, AI, machine learning, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Rapid digital transformation due to recent global events has only accelerated this trend.

It's helpful to take one step back before moving forward to understand the true potential of Industry 4.0. Version 3.0 of the modern industrial revolution occurred with computers were introduced to manufacturing and factories. It allowed for automation on the physical production side and deeper insight into the data produced when measuring output.

Enter the Internet and connectivity. Those computers can now communicate. The addition of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) allows the computerized manufacturing process to apply data and deepen efficiency—ultimately making productivity decisions without human involvement.

It isn't just more and better. Industry 4.0 has an objective of efficiency and waste reduction. Computerized machines get smarter as they access more data. It happens when we create networks of machines that are digitally connected and create and share information. This is the true benefit of Industry 4.0.

This shift is so monumental that 90% of recently-surveyed UK manufacturing executives agreed Industry 4.0 will start to replace traditional manufacturing methods.

2020 was a challenging year for manufacturers, but those that have embraced and implemented new technologies are positioned to thrive in the wake of disruption.

The World Economic Forum identified four critical, durable shifts in manufacturing and supply chain in a recent white paper:

  • Agility to handle demand uncertainly
  • Supply chain resilience in response to disruption and trade barriers
  • Factory speed and productivity required for a displaced and remote workforce
  • Eco-efficiency to address regulatory and environmental concerns
  • As with all significant economic turmoil, companies that invest in innovative technologies will not just survive but thrive in this new market.

    Does your business have the right partner to help you adapt to these changes?

    SoftServe is already enabling manufacturers' transformation to Industry 4.0, and the proof is in our clients' results:

    • A global energy equipment manufacturer used an AI-backed "digital control tower" to optimize their supply chain and reduced operating costs by 50%
    • An International printing company combined the power of data, AI/ML, Computer Vision, and IoT in a cutting-edge "Smart Inspection" digital solution to achieve an unprecedented 99.9% product accuracy.
    • A Danish toy company employed SoftServe's Next-gen Data Foundation for Manufacturing solutions to reduce plastic waste by 26%.

    Experts in data ecosystems, SoftServe is helping manufacturers realize the promise of Industry 4.0. We are 9,500 expert engineers worldwide, successfully delivering over ten thousand products.

    SoftServe's Big Data & AI capability is the largest in Eastern Europe. Our holistic, integrated expertise across Cloud, data science & engineering, AI/ML, software development, and UX design enables our clients to master their data, extracting actionable insights to drive competitive advantage.

    We have achieved the highest partnership levels with Google, AWS, Azure, and others, with expertise in Spark, Python, Tensorflow, R, Shiny, Pytorch, ELK, and more.

    With an NPS Score of 77 – 3x our industry average - clients trust us to execute as a strategic partner.

    The future of manufacturing is being created today. Are you positioned to succeed?

    Let’s talk about how SoftServe can help you navigate the challenges of implementing Industry 4.0 technologies to solve your most pressing business challenges.