Many vendors have attempted to provide a hybrid platform that meets the need of deploying workloads based on their security, availability, cost, performance, and supporting data requirements. Examples include CloudFoundry, HP CSA, OpenShift, and others. While the technologies and capabilities produced have been commendable, none have delivered the truly hybrid dream of:

  1. Providing a truly universal underlying infrastructure system supported by older licensed legacy software as well as modern cloud computing platforms
  2. Providing true freedom of choice on where assets live (allowing the needs, regulations, and cost to determine the deployment platform not vendor lock in)
  3. A universal and futureproof development approach, solving the need for refactoring—hopefully for good

Beyond enabling companies to build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere—securely and consistently—Anthos empowers app modernization on existing virtual machines (VMs), as well as cloud-native deployment in the evolving hybrid, multi-cloud environment. Anthos for multi-cloud provides consolidation of operations across on-premises, Google Cloud—and now AWS—to drive business efficiency and agility, while reducing overhead and improving developer productivity.

Bottom line: Anthos was built to provide a truly hybrid and multi-cloud platform to eliminate legacy limitations and provide scalable growth benefit in uncertain times—at the speed of digital. Anthos for AWS means that it is no longer an either/or proposition for cloud selection and reliance. With Azure integration on the way, Anthos provides the hybrid ideal that others have attempted, but failed to deliver.


Support of Anthos for AWS is generally available with the following high-demand features and benefits:

  • High reliability: High Availability (HA) cluster configuration
  • Auto Scaling: Only pay for the resources you need
  • Existing AWS Integration: Ease of deployment and minimal AWS environment configuration for existing AWS managed services and VPCs
  • Operational Consistency: Manage Google Cloud, AWS, and on prem workloads from one place
  • Anthos Full Stack Integration: Complete application view for policies and monitoring (no more silos)

Consistency across multiple clouds. Flexibility and choice. Ensuring future multi-cloud success ...Anthos for AWS delivers.



At SoftServe, as a Top 10 Premier Google Cloud Partner, #1 globally for individual specializations and certifications, and after delivering the first Anthos project in North America—we’re especially excited about Anthos for AWS.

We have worked with Google from the early days of Anthos on-prem and Anthos on AWS and have experienced first hand the solution's ability to help organizations deliver on the promise of application agility—irrespective of the infrastructure it runs on.


In the new normal following the global pandemic—greater visibility, security, agility, efficiency, and productivity will be accomplished through the removal of silos and adoption of hybrid, multi-cloud modernization and management.

Anthos for AWS provides a full-stack, cloud agnostic, Kubernetes solution with an enhanced, consistent, and forward-facing developer experience.

Contact SoftServe today and let’s talk about your multi-cloud journey and how SoftServe accelerates the process for our enterprise clients.