by  Antonina Skrypnyk

A Collaborative Approach for a Unique API

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To remain competitive in a digital world, banking, financial services, and insurance businesses are quickly realizing that they need to tailor digital experiences to their customers. And developing a unique API for your business means that it’s tailored to your customers’ needs.

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Creating custom APIs and making sure they have the flexibility to move with new technological advances isn’t something for novices. It requires deep thought and delving into the ins and outs of your business, your customers, your employees, and your general way of doing business.

Very often when chasing the “bottom line,” executives put aside personalized digital innovations and underestimate their impact on company performance. They may be unaware as to how much better performance can be when projects perform with custom APIs, flexible systems, and optimal technology.

To ensure that these things are tailor-made to fit your needs, you should be using a collaborative approach to bui ld them.

The main challenge is to utilize internal potential properly and organize operational processes in a way to extract maximum value, achieving efficiency out of what arises from inside the system. At SoftServe, we accomplish this through our Transformation Platforms.

Our Transformation Platforms allow us to work with our clients to ensure we deeply understand their customer base and that our solutions are built to fit their needs. Our process relies on collaboration with our clients to ensure that the best solutions are reached quickly and efficiently.

It’s based on the following components:

  • Building Bridges: Our global associates come together to crowdsource the best solutions for your digital issues.
  • Team Consistency: We make sure that the same team is present from the ideation phase all the way through delivery, minimizing knowledge gaps and ensuring consistency.
  • Constant Innovation: By including all important stakeholders, we never run out of new and innovative ideas and respective next steps for ideation.
  • Ideation Efficiency: Inclusiveness ensures speed to market by reaching unique solutions through crowdsourcing.
  • Return on Investment: Consolidating many perspectives quickly and efficiently, we are able to exceed timelines, minimize budget spend and meet expectations.
  • Providing Structure: Prioritizing different ideas gives structure to the ideation process

An innovation management platform is also introduced – an integrated tool to merge ideation, iteration, and implementation phases when dealing with internal innovation initiatives management.

The Transformation Platforms give a direct market advantage to enterprises ready to adopt change and become digital leaders facing new challeng es constantly arising at the market.

Learn more about how custom solutions fuel Financial Services businesses in our latest white paper, “Financial Services + Digital: How to Beat the Demand.”

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