by  Lyubomyr Humetskyy

Development To ols: Talent, Tech Leadership, & Trust

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Talent, Technology Leadership, and Trust. That’s the commitment we demonstrate to our clients through our Client Excellence framework to the companies that partner with us for software development and consultancy.



Our business is oriented to ensure our clients have direct access to our talented team. The breadth and depth of our experience spans all possible technological needs, and we are always adding new competencies to ensure we are skilled in the latest developments. SoftServe’s flexible approach is designed to allow us to scale up and down quickly, delivering projects in the most efficient way.

Technology Leadership

With more than two decades’ industry experience, our consultants are some of the leading practitioners in their respective fields. Many of our clients rely on their consultancy services to address not just their technology challenges, but their broader business problems too. By understanding your strategic goals at the outset, our experts tailor the most appropriate solutions to make a real difference to your business.


It’s important to us that we build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. It is these enduring relationships that deliver the greatest returns. Client experience, satisfaction and success have remained our priority in everything we do. Underpinning this is transparency – and we have been committed to having open and honest relationships with our clients since day one.

What our Client Excellence framework means for you

Our Client Excellence framework ensures that we always capture, manage, and deliver on our clients&rsquo ; expectations. Every member of our global team is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We invest in Talent, Technology Leadership and building long-term Trust with our clients. That way our clients know their software development projects will always benefit from our deep technical expertise and project management skills.

Our current Net Promoter Score* of 69.6, compared to the industry benchmark of 38, shows we are meeting that goal. 63.6% of responses from our customers via our annual NPS surveys indicate our people and their deep technology expertise and quality are the reasons they are satisfied.

To learn more about the Three T’s as they apply to real life examples, check out our white paper, “Three Components for Software Development Excellence.”

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* The Net Promoter Score (NPS), since its introduction in 2003, has transformed the modern business world. This customer loyalty metric measures customer experience and is used as the key measure of customer’s overall perception of the brand.