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EDW Modernized

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Legacy data warehouses are no longer excusable for global enterprises. The current worldwide health crisis has forced companies into a new digital norm, leaving no doubt that modernization is a requirement for sustainable efficiency, productivity, and scalability.

The cloud is more accessible than ever, and Amazon Redshift is the most popular and fastest cloud data warehouse on the market. For proof of scalability empowerment, look no further than Lyft who grew with Redshift from a start up to a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

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Modernize now

Enterprise data warehouse modernization delivers maximized return on investment (ROI) with upfront hardware or license costs— and run your data warehouse for a fraction of traditional solution cost.

Integration is optimized by empowering enterprises to query large data sets of virtually any format from AWS S3 without transforming or loading the data. Build high-quality datasets with Redshift SQL and offload to your data lake with no additional extract, transform, load (ETL) development.

Simplicity is a welcome benefit for any company—crisis or no—and Redshift delivers here as well. Deploy, scale, and manage your Redshift Data Warehouse in minutes, with routine administration tasks and automated monitoring—out of the box. That’s frictionless modernization.

A SoftServe Success Story

SoftServe is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner for DevOps, Data & Analytics, and Retail. We are also a Redshift early adopter, and have over 170 AWS Certified Architects and Developers.

In this success story, our client is a Boston-based financial services company specializing in private/public equity, venture capital, credit, impact investing, life sciences, and real estate. As of last year, the company manages over $100B of investment capitol across a range of sectors and geographic regions.

Solving challenges

With a massive volume of transactional data from 24/7 worldwide trading, data refreshment was deteriorating mainframe performance. Prior to our working with SoftServe, our client refreshed only during low trading periods in the US at night. Our client needed a reliable partner to help them speed up data refreshment processing and reduce reporting analysis.

SoftServe drove successful completion of our client’s first ever AWS project delivering:

  • 50% reduction on processing time
  • Modernized full stack development
  • Data quality assurance guidance for AWS technologies

We leveraged Redshift Spectrum, S3, Lambda, and CloudFormation after testing and evaluating out-of-the-box and custom approaches through proof of concept (PoC) development and implementation at different stages. To learn more details, read our case study.

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Remote Assessment

For more than 26 years, SoftServe has been delivering services to our clients remotely, and EDW modernization is no exception. The first step in the enterprise data warehouse modernization process is an assessment. Companies can stay safe and benefit from our remote experience with:

  • Architecture assessment and analysis
  • Migration patterns and best practices workshop
  • Dependencies analysis and use case prioritization
  • High level design of target Redshift environment
  • Modernization planning

We deliver vision, cluster configuration and cost estimate, and our modernization plans include actions and estimates. Amazon Redshift is 3x faster than other cloud data warehouses and 50% less expensive as well. Together, SoftServe and AWS deliver accelerated and cost-effective modernization for the future—whether your company is experienced with Amazon Web Services, or adopting AWS for the first time. Let’s talk about where you are in your enterprise data warehouse journey and why tens of thousands of customers use Amazon Redshift.

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