by  Jakub Koba

Embrace and Capitalize on Digital Transformation

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Digitalization is disrupting virtually every industry, and while many businesses see the need for change, most are struggling to take definitive action. To be true, embracing the change is not only about upgrading existing legacy technologies, digital transformation also means new business models that if avoided may mean being left behind.

So how do marketers and business leaders stay relevant in an increasingly digital world? How can your marketing department scale your brand across an endless spectrum of platforms and touchpoints?

Employing an omni-channel automation platform ensures that your brand continues to improve engagement levels across all channels, instead of being left behind. Imagine that overnight you might enjoy the commercial benefits of maximizing real-time interactions using automated responses and targeted content based on how customers are interacting with a brand in a specific moment. Imagine the kind of experience your customers would have, and the boost you and your shareholders would experience.

To future-proof your business, leaders must not only neutralize the threat of digital disruption now, but harness the opportunities it presents in the future. To achieve both of these goals seamlessly, businesses need to select a software development partner that helps shape their digital landscape to deliver competitive advantage and better reach their customers.

Rainbow , a European manufacturer of high-class vacuum cleaners, did just that.

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SoftServe’s technology experts introduced an online sales capability through Sitecore. The solution was a fully automated e-commerce and marketing platform that delivered higher-than-average conversion rates through personalization. Using agile methodologies, and customizing the platform, our team was able to adjust their website content to each visitor’s specific needs.


Geting Started

At SoftServe we partner with some of the world’s largest and most influential organizations to build efficient, reliable, and scalable solutions. Our experts are passionate about helping businesses shape the digital landscape to become leaders – as well as disrupters – within their own industries. As you’d expect, we have deep technical understanding of today’s leading platforms –Sitecore, Adobe, ADAM, Aprimo, Hybris, and many others.

We help our clients build digital strategies that foster sustainable growth. Let’s work together to create the next wave of industry-disrupting technology solutions.

Interested in learning more about partnering with SoftServe on digital marketing platforms such as Sitecore? Come join us at Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas, October 16-19, to learn more about customizing platforms to fit your business needs.