by  SoftServe Team

IoT: The Key to Healthcare Connectivity

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IoT devices are the next frontier in optimizing healthcare. From smartwatches and smartphones to fitness trackers and smart devices like pillboxes and inhalers, healthcare payers and providers are taking more of a vested interest in these devices.

Instead of gleaning insights from isolated patient visits and fragmented data, IoT devices enable a total, holistic view of each patient: medication compliance, regular physical activity, health monitoring, reminders, and more.


Consider the benefits:

Real-time data

IoT devices mean that data is collected in real time, giving healthcare businesses full visibility of patient health and activity. This enables better diagnoses and better health monitoring over time.

Operational performance

Streamline business processes and avoid redundancies by connecting various data under one umbrella. Healthcare providers, insurers, pharmacies, and more get access to the same data to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the patient’s state of health.

Improved care

Both real-time data and optimized operational performance combine to ensure lower costs for healthcare businesses. Better visibility of patient health combined with streamlined processes mean healthier patients and streamlined organization--which leads to lower costs for everyone.

For many healthcare businesses, IoT device connectivity can seem like a big hurdle. With Cloud, anything is possible, as long as care is taken to select both the right cloud provider and the partner to help usher in a new era in connectivity for your business.

With SoftServe and AWS, receive cutting-edge capabilities as you move to the cloud and uncover the benefits of connected devices within your healthcare business. Download the white paper to learn more.

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