by  Dmytro Ivanov

Today’s Importance of Multilevel Talent in Software Development

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Talent is not only defined by technological skills, but also by the ability of an external team to seamlessly integrate into your existing team to work effectively.

Partner with a Talented Team

At SoftServe, we have more than 500 of the best software engineers in the industry. Whether it’s big data, IoT, cloud, DevOps, digital commerce, security or experience design, our experts have the knowledge to help with any software development project.

For example, SoftServe equipped ContractPal, a SaaS business process outsourcing company, with better confidence in its security posture, using our unique approach to security testing. ContractPal required proof of regular code review and security audits, with a specific requirement for manual ethical hacking by a third-party organization.

SoftServe met this specific testing need, employing a special team of Certified Ethical Hackers who completed the testing in just two weeks. Our Certified Ethical Hackers showed ContractPal exactly where regular hackers would exploit weaknesses in the event of a security breach, and provided manual penetration testing with the market’s best security testing tools. The testing process included dynamic application security testing, manual penetration testing, and application source code analysis using OWASP Application Security Verification Standard, OWASP Testing Guide, and Penetration Testing Execution Standard.

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Having Certified Ethical Hackers is an invaluable talent to have for security testing, and it’s expertise like this that is important to seek in a software development partner.

Soft Skills

For software development projects everywhere, a lack of communication can topple a project no matter how much technical expertise a collective in-house team has.

Your team should have a variety of skills that concentrate on your technological solution, but also have communication and soft skills. These traits are key, especially for clients who operate in more than one country, as cultural nuances and cross-border thinking is increasingly required. Ultimately the project’s success rides not only on the talent and expertise of the team, but their ability to work collaboratively with existing teams located across the globe.

Soft skills, such as proactivity, reliability, and authenticity are a less verbalized set of competences, but become paramount to a software development project’s success.

At SoftServe, we focus on building effective communication with your team to enable a seamless connection from start to finish–from concept to delivery–for projects. These skills are essential to create the right working relationships and a positive, productive culture.

Developing Talent

A good software development company is constantly assessing its demands, and monitors the market to define a pool of professional, experienced candidates with the right skills and work history.

Similarly, these companies should also be constantly monitoring internal personnel to identify high-potential employees to provide them with new, challenging tasks, leading them to new growth and career opportunities.

At SoftServe, a ll of our employees go through a rigorous training program that helps them to develop the skills that they need for success.

We constantly monitor the market to identify candidates with specific technology skills and work histories, so you don’t have to.

All employees undergo our own rigorous training at SoftServe University. We have designed our own curricula to ensure SoftServe engineers can create amazing solutions for our clients. In the workplace, we constantly rotate teams and plan work to ensure colleagues experience a wide range of industry sectors, as well as new and challenging tasks to progress their knowledge, while at the same time delivering a premium output for our clients.

As a result, when clients request specific technological skill-set or know-how, we are virtually 100% confident we can source that in our talent pool of more than 500 software engineers.

To learn about the other secrets to software development success, check out our white paper, “Keys to Cost-and Time-Effective Software Development.”

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