Amazon EMR

Achieve significant ROI, higher availability and reduced operational costs with Amazon EMR—the leading cloud Hadoop solution in terms of capabilities, user base, and revenue. Never pay for idle resources again.
  • EMR is recognized by Forrester as #1 solution for Hadoop/Spark platforms in the Cloud

  • According to Gartner’s Market Guide for Hadoop distributions, AWS is the largest Hadoop provider worldwide

Economic Benefits

“The Economic Benefits of Migrating Apache Spark and Hadoop to Amazon EMR” according to IDC report
five-year ROI (8-month pay-back period)
less Hadoop management costs
less infrastructure support costs
reduction in unplanned downtime

Key Features

  • Cloud-native flexibility

    Cloud-native flexibility

    Scale your environment out and back to fit the workload. Shift from monolithic to purpose-built clusters. Spin up transient clusters for the time of job execution.
  • Cost effectiveness

    Cost effectiveness

    Utilize auto-scale features with AWS Spot Instances to reduce both time-to-insight and cost.
  • High availability

    High availability

    Build on S3 99.99% availability and 11 9s durability, with your data distributed among many availability zones by default. Spin your Hadoop cluster in minutes for fast disaster recovery.
  • Industry’s broadest analytics ecosystem

    Industry’s broadest analytics ecosystem

    Benefit from native integration with EMR Data Science notebooks, AWS SageMaker, data streaming and visualization solutions.

Migration options


Migrate fast to accelerate on-prem DC decommissioning and avoid costly hardware upgrades. Keep existing Hadoop distributive, utilize AWS S3 to decouple storage and compute resources, limit code changes to necessary minimum. Utilize more cloud-native features once deadline is met.


Maximize you cloud migration benefits by utilizing the full set of AWS EMR features. Fine tune infrastructure and workloads for performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Integrate with AWS security and monitoring services.


Re-imagine your insight ecosystem in the cloud. Democratize data to a wider audience, reduce time-to-insight with streaming analytics, provide self-service capabilities. From business priorities analysis to full-scale cloud data platform.

SoftServe approach

  • Free EMR Migration workshop

    Bring a SoftServe expert onsite, review Amazon EMR features, best-practices, and migration options. Watch live demos and participate in hands-on labs. Collaborate to create tailored Migration Planning Canvas and plan for the next steps.
    2 days

    Fill out the form below and a SoftServe representative will contact you directly about the Free EMR Migration Workshop

  • Fix-price migration assessment

    Deep dive to migration project planning. SoftServe experts will analyze existing system architecture, upstream and downstream dependencies, security and privacy requirements, as well as migration downtime limitations. Deliverables include target cloud Architecture Vision and actionable Migration Plan, covering services mapping, migration milestones, refactoring efforts, as well as duration and cost estimates.
    3 weeks

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