By Hatem NasrMar 28, 2024
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8 Strategic Reasons to Focus on Digital Oilfield and AI to Revitalize Upstream Oil and Gas Investments

Learn why making a strategic shift toward digital oilfield and AI promises the highest ROI in the shortest timeframe, helping O&G companies stay competitive.

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By Sebastian SantibanezFeb 28, 2024
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Energy Management for Climate-Controlled Industrial Processes

How digital twins and AI from SoftServe and NVIDIA can help optimize your climate-controlled energy use at scale.

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By Andrii Struk, Oleh MiskoFeb 28, 2024
Energy, Oil & GasManufacturing

Efficiently Detect Corrosion with SoftServe’s Visual Inspection Solution

SoftServe’s corrosion detection solution harnesses Gen AI and a pre-trained ML model to transcend data limitations.

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By SoftServe TeamNov 16, 2023
Energy, Oil & Gas

5 Ways Technology Can Power the Future of Australia and New Zealand’s Energy Industry

Five ways technology can power Australian and New Zealand energy future.

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By Sebastian SantibanezOct 09, 2023
Data & AnalyticsEnergy, Oil & GasManufacturingOperational Efficiency

Digging Into the Details: Using Data to Access Your Energy Use Dynamics

How to use data to monitor your energy use dynamics to uncover inefficiencies.

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By Petro FranchukAug 29, 2023
Energy, Oil & GasManufacturingOperational EfficiencyR&DUtilities

Your Legacy Equipment Can Slow Your Digital Transformation

Legacy equipment can pose serious challenges to a business’s digital transformation project.

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By Tetyana Lisovska, Anton Kaidorin, Iryna KarpovaMay 23, 2023
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The New Era of ESG and Why It’s Essential for Business Success

It's important to understand the impact businesses have on the environment and the people within it. This article explores the ESG landscape and how companies can integrate it into their long-term strategic planning.

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By SoftServe TeamMay 18, 2023
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Sustainability Must Be Systemic

Discover why sustainability initiatives succeed when built into a company’s framework and how women are leading the way.

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By SoftServe TeamMay 17, 2023
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SoftServe Adds the Jetson Platform to Its NVIDIA Elite Partner Status

We’re delighted to announce that SoftServe has achieved Elite Partner status on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform. It's the logical next step in SoftServe’s ongoing collaboration with NVIDIA.

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By National Quantum Computing Hub Singapore (NQCH), Damyr Hadiiev, Jonas Tan Yick Wei May 16, 2023
AWSEnergy, Oil & GasFinancial ServicesManufacturingR&D

Expert Q&A – Go Behind the Scenes of the SoftServe and NQCH Quantum Bootcamp

Discover how this quantum bootcamp is unlike any other. SoftServe and NQCH experts dive into what sets it apart.

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