By Iurii MilovanovJul 19, 2024
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Master Gen AI Value: Accelerate Pilot Projects to Production Scale

Discover how targeted business use cases and data readiness drive substantial Gen AI business value. Read more now.

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By Peter FarleyJul 11, 2024
Data & AnalyticsFinancial ServicesGenerative AISoftware Development

Focus on Data Foundations to Successfully Deploy Gen AI

Businesses that want to successfully deploy Gen AI must tackle data foundations first, said SoftServe’s Alex Joyner.

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By Dmytro IvanovJul 05, 2024
Generative AISoftware Development

Prime Gen AI Paves the Way for Gen AI Excellence and Real Returns

Discover how SoftServe's Prime Gen AI enhances productivity and business value. Learn more about bridging tech potential and real returns.

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By Steve LoSardo, Jennifer TurcotteJul 03, 2024
Generative AIHealthcare & Life Sciences

Roundtable Recap: Key Takeaways from our Gen AI Discussion with Industry Leaders

Discover key takeaways from an expert discussion on implementing Gen AI in the life science industry.

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By Elena MatovaJun 27, 2024
Financial ServicesGenerative AI

Proactive Regulatory Monitoring: the Key to Effective Risk Management

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with AI-driven compliance strategies. Enhance risk management and efficiency.

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By Elena MatovaJun 27, 2024
Financial ServicesGenerative AI

Augment Your Compliance Team, Mitigate Risks, and Save Money With AI

Enhance your compliance team's efficiency with AI solutions. Mitigate risks, save costs, and speed up innovation.

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By Pavlo HileiJun 13, 2024
Cloud & DevOpsGenerative AIIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLR&D

AI at the Edge: Accelerate Inference 20.2x With CFU

Learn how SoftServe's research enhances AI inference speed by over 20.2x using CFUs and RISC-V processors.

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By Michael PiotrowskiJun 10, 2024
Cloud & DevOpsGenerative AIGoogle CloudSoftware Development

AI Chronicles: Stories and Insights From AI & Big Data Expo North America

Catch key insights from AI & Big Data Expo North America on AI's potential in education and enterprise.

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By Leonid PavlovskyiMay 31, 2024
Generative AIR&D

Business Uses and Ownership Issues Regarding AI Image Generation

Explore how AI image generation enhances engagement, boosts conversions, and reduces operational costs. Discover how to navigate legal hurdles and copyright issues with SoftServe.

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By Peter Farley, Andrew WrigleyMay 22, 2024
Data & AnalyticsFinancial ServicesGenerative AINvidia

Bring AI to Your Data and Have Your Data Talk to You

SoftServe, Dell & NVIDIA workshop discussed opportunities for Gen AI to transform data into a competitive asset for finance firms

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