By Guillaume KendallJan 25, 2018
Financial Services

For Banks, Going Digital to Drive Customer Engagement

Banks are constricted by regulations and legacy processes; going digital means more human interactions.

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By Serge Haziyev, Iurii MilovanovJan 19, 2018
Data & Analytics

Big Data Maturity: Where Are You in the Journey?

SoftServe’s Big Data experts Serge Haziyev and Iurii Milovanov explain the Big Data maturity model.

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By Roman KrayovskyyJan 18, 2018
Software Development

The Perks of Going Agile

Evolve from traditional to agile for faster projects with better ROI.

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By Taras BachynskyyJan 12, 2018
Data & Analytics

Setting Better Goals for Big Data Projects

SoftServe Data Architect Taras Bachynskyy gives insight on best practices and common misconceptions in setting attainable Big Data project goals.

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By Roman KrayovskyyJan 12, 2018
Quality ManagementSoftware Development

Test Automation: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Make the most out of your agile SDLC with test automation.

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By Alena GolopuzDec 13, 2017
Data & Analytics

Giving Consumers Data Control Under the GDPR

The GDPR gives more power to consumers to control and manage the use of their data—are you compliant?

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By Volodymyr YelchevDec 11, 2017
Healthcare & Life SciencesIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & ML

Wearables and IoT Security in Healthcare

Wearables and IoT devices bring real-time monitoring to healthcare, but require scrutiny when it comes to security.

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By Matt KollmorgenDec 07, 2017

7 Things Data Analytics Can Learn from Online Dating

Learn how online dating has leveraged data to launch itself into a multi-billion-dollar business.

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By Alena GolopuzNov 27, 2017
Innovation Platform

First Steps to Navigating the GDPR

Check out some of the basic requirements of the new regulation transforming EU data usage.

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By Volodymyr YelchevNov 27, 2017
Healthcare & Life SciencesSecurity

Healthcare Security: Diagnosing Ransomware Risk

Learn how security assessments and penetration testing determine your security posture.

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