By Vitalii BashunApr 29, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Installing Hadoop Cluster with Cloudera Manager

How fast and easy it may be to install Hadoop cluster with Cloudera Manager.

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By R&D TeamApr 25, 2016
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLR&D

What's Behind a Smart Coffee Machine?

Make your coffee with a smart coffee machine, Apple Watch and your heart rate.

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By Oleksandra KlevetsApr 20, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Enabling TLS Level 1 Encryption for Cloudera Manager

How to configure TLS Level 1 encryption for Cloudera Manager with self-signed certificate.

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By Alexander AmelinApr 15, 2016
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Interoperability in Healthcare and Related Standards

How timely adoption of interoperability and related standards will help healthcare.

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By SoftServe TeamMar 30, 2016
Cloud & DevOps

Unlocking AWS Potential: Case Study

How migrating to the AWS Cloud might help your application achieve its business and technical goals.

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By Eugene BorukhovichMar 03, 2016
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: What Does the Future Hold?

Can artificial intelligence and machine learning act as an enabler for changes in medicine and healthcare?

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By Tetiana Gladkikh, Taras Hnot, Volodymyr SolskyyFeb 11, 2016
Data & Analytics

Anomaly Detection – Unsupervised Approach

From data mining to intrusion detection: how anomaly helps to identify informational security risk.

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By Valentyn KropovFeb 03, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Configuring Kerberos for Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH)

Here's a step by step guideline to configure Kerberos in Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH).

clock-icon-black  4 min read
By Eugene BorukhovichJan 19, 2016
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Where is the Future of Healthcare ISVs?

EHR, data, mobile: what are the next big healthcare trends ISVs should explor e and invest in?

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By Andriy BenchNov 10, 2015

Easy Ride: Prototyping Biosensors with Arduino

Learn how to build a chip solution and make a feasible biosensor prototype with the Arduino open source platform.

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