By Igor BeliaievJul 27, 2017
Cloud & DevOps

Containers vs. Virtual Machines

As a leading digital services and software development company, SoftServe delivers proven high quality software development solutions to ISVs and enterprises.

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By Antonina SkrypnykJul 24, 2017
Innovation Platform

Digital Transformation – Undergoing a Few Ages of Change

Digital transformation has a lot of different meanings for a lot of different domains and industries.

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By Petro PorchukJun 14, 2017
Innovation Platform

Positive Professional: A Project Manager’s Guide

A project manager’s guide to building empathetic customer relationships, the key to your business success.

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By SoftServe TeamJun 05, 2017

Workplace an Essential Part of SoftServe’s Growth

SoftServe’s global team connects on Workplace, an effective tool for internal communications and digital innovation.

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By SoftServe TeamApr 28, 2017
Innovation Platform

SoftServe has Opened its Doors to a New Client-Focused US Headquarters

Newly opened office offers both employees and clients a flexible work space in downtown Austin, Texas.

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By Oleksandr ShatnyyApr 26, 2017
Innovation Platform

SoftServe Surpasses NPS Expectations in Q1

SoftServe is proud to announce an impressive Net Promoter Score, a well-known customer loyalty metric, for Q1.

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By Marlena Kuczynska, Joanna KaminskaApr 24, 2017
Innovation Platform

5 Things to Look for in Your Ideal Technology Partner

Looking for a technology partner? Coders Center explores the five things to look for to ensure yours is a good fit.

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By Matt KollmorgenApr 19, 2017
Experience DesignOther

Driving Personalized Experiences Through Data

Digital media expert Matt Kollmorgen explores how companies can provide custom-tailored experiences.

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By Matt KollmorgenApr 12, 2017
Innovation Platform

The 3 Factors that Enable Digital Disruption

In this blog post, digital media expert Matt Kollmorgen explores the factors that drive companies to change.

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By Brian HeltsmithApr 04, 2017
Experience Design

MVP the Right Way

In this blog post, experience design expert Brian Heltsmith explores the importance of building an MVP.

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