By Andrii PastushokSep 12, 2016
Software Development

Product Development Services 2.0: Startup Success for Venture Capitalists

Why Product Development Services 2.0 may be venture capitalists' panacea ensuring startups' success.

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By Oleksandr BerchenkoAug 10, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Cassandra + Spark SQL Performance (including DSE 5.0)

This post focuses on quick and dirty performance comparison of different Cassandra + Spark options.

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By Tetiana Gladkikh, Taras Hnot, Volodymyr SolskyyAug 06, 2016
Data & Analytics

Bitcoin Analytics: The Principles of Network Development, Part 1

Bitcoin: brief history of the digital currency network, with the most influential nodes, patterns, and changes over time.

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By Sergii PorokhAug 02, 2016
Software Development

8 Issues Moving MS SQL Cluster from BareMetal to AWS

Here are the eight most common challenges that can crop up during an MS SQL migration from BareMetal to AWS.

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By Oleksandr BerchenkoJul 22, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Setup Cassandra + Spark + Tableau (including DSE 5.0)

Here's how to configure Cassandra + Spark + Tableau including DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 5.0

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By Pavlo VedilinJul 14, 2016
Quality Management

Skype Automation: Bulk Renaming of Contacts with PowerShell

Automation hocus-pocus: forget about manual Skype contacts renaming with PowerShell & a small additional library.

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By Oleksandra KlevetsJun 27, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Running Cassandra with Cloudera Manager

Here're the benefits of Cassandra and CDH integration that can be deployed and managed through Cloudera Manager.

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By Volodymyr ShramJun 13, 2016
Cloud & DevOpsMicrosoft

3 Best Practices for Dev/Test in the Cloud with Azure

Here are the top three Dev/Test practices to derive the maximum benefits from Microsoft Azure cloud service.

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By Sergii PorokhMay 23, 2016
Cloud & DevOps

StackStorm: DevOps to ChatOps

StackStorm: why is ChatOps becoming so popular nowadays?

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By Vitalii BashunApr 29, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Installing Hadoop Cluster with Cloudera Manager

How fast and easy it may be to install Hadoop cluster with Cloudera Manager.

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