By Oleksandr YavlinskyJul 04, 2023
Data & AnalyticsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManufacturingRetailSupply Chain

Supply Chain Disruption-as-a-Rule

Why you need to preempt supply chain instability by developing data-driven resilience — and how you can do it

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By David Wilson, Iurii RegedaJul 03, 2023
Google CloudHealthcare & Life Sciences

FHIR Certification: New Milestone in the Healthcare Data Interoperability Journey

SoftServe partners with Google’s Apigee to deliver Apigee HealthAPIx solutions

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By Robert MickensJun 29, 2023
Cloud & DevOpsData & AnalyticsHealthcare & Life Sciences

Overcome Interoperability Challenges: 3 Solutions for Seamless Data Exchange

Three solutions for seamless data exchange

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By Andrii RyzhkovJun 27, 2023
Data & AnalyticsFinancial ServicesSecurity

Graph Neural Networks Will Strengthen Fight Against Financial Fraud

Graph neural networks are providing banks with new powerful tools to combat increasingly sophisticated threats of fraud.

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By Oleg KoropitaJun 26, 2023
Digital ProductsFinancial Services

Embedded Finance: Facilitating Seamless Services and Partnerships

Discover how embedded finance partnerships drive profits by integrating financial services into business platforms.

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By SoftServe TeamJun 23, 2023
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLSoftware Development

Product Management Must Own AI/ML Technology at Software Companies

Only product management takes a rigorous approach to unlock and show AI/ML tech value to drive product innovation.

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By Serhii Riazanov Jun 22, 2023
Digital ProductsDXPExperience DesignRetailSalesforce

Getting the Most Out of Salesforce B2C Commerce

Get more out of your Salesforce B2C Commerce platform by adding key functionality.

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By Volodymyr Semenyshyn, Alfredo RubinaJun 16, 2023
Data & AnalyticsDigital ProductsFinancial ServicesSecurity

Financial Institutions Must Be More Proactive To Combat Fraud in the Digital Age

Banks must be more proactive using technology to combat new digital fraud threats.

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By Max MorwindJun 08, 2023
Data & AnalyticsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManufacturingNvidia

The Industrial Metaverse and Simulating Collaboration

Harness simulation in the industrial metaverse for business resilience and rapid innovation.

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By Taras RumezhakJun 01, 2023
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManufacturingR&DSoftware Development

AI Explainability and Adoption in Manufacturing

Accelerate AI adoption in your production facility with enhanced transparency and auditability

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