Environmental Sustainability

SoftServe cares about reducing our ecological footprint and makes our “Go Green” initiative a top priority. Waste recycling and optimized use of resources at companywide level are the two main focus areas as of now. In addition, each spring, SoftServe runs a “Plant a Plant” global event to encourage eco-friendly behavior among our associates.

We Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

We try to reduce our ecological footprint by sorting and recycling waste. Atop to that, we run environmental awareness campaigns to educate associates on a more responsible eco-behavior. Purchase only up-to-date and energy saving equipment (computers, screens, LED light bulbs, etc.). Provide new associates with a personal cup and eco-bag as welcome presents.

We Help

By holding annual ecological clean-ups and landscaping volunteer events in the cities where we operate.

Support ecological NGOs and start-ups by funding and supporting their projects.

We Engage

By holding online and offline educational activities, meetings with zero-waste experts.
By developing and distributing catchy informational materials on environmental sustainability.

We Encourage

To use eco-friendly means of transportation by ensuring a well-organized cycling infrastructure and installing a free charging station for electric cars at Lviv headquarters.