Esg Innovation with Generative AI

Generative AI empowers sustainability roadmaps for your organization. This revolutionizes your ESG reporting, data management, measurement, and public engagement. Gen AI helps you streamline workflows, enhance ESG reporting, and provide natural language search to rapidly access insights.

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Key Challenges

  • Transparency
  • With Gen AI, build ESG processes and a data foundation. Understand your organization’s negative impact on the environment, then track and report the progress of that effect. Define ESG risks and targets.

  • Mitigate and reduce
  • With Gen AI, create initiatives to mitigate risks as you act toward specific growth targets, and avoid or reduce your organization’s negative impact on the environment.

  • Innovate and compensate
  • Gen AI helps move forward your organization to net-zero and long-term sustainable growth targets by creating innovative solutions and measuring the positive impact to compensate for the harm your organization may carry out on the environment.

  • Contribute to positive change
  • Gen AI helps produce ESG initiatives so your organization contributes to worldwide sustainable programs that serve both people and planet Earth.

Business Opportunities

Use Cases
Business Value
Case Simplicity

ESG market trends insights

Gen AI curates insights from various sources like online news, blog articles, influencers, industry speakers, thought leaders, white papers, regulations, and ESG products and solutions for better decision-making.


ESG report generation

Gen AI summarizes paragraphs from different, pertinent sources, such as PDFs and sustainability reports, to provide dashboards with ESG insights to your leadership.


Supply chain risk insights

With Gen AI, review regional and global regulations and compare them against corporate policies. Then, generate potential ESG risks in your supply chains so your organization complies with ESG standards.


Curate sustainability communication

Use Gen AI to create your marketing content through the adaptation of sustainability messaging and communications that reflect new, industry-specific products and services and emerging ESG issues.


ESG regulations navigation

Through Gen AI, deliver insights and guidance about evolving ESG regulations specific to regions, helping your organization meet diverse reporting requirements.


Virtual repair assistance for maintenance

Provide personalized recommendations to your technicians and plant managers through Gen AI so they better navigate repair processes by enhancing comprehension of tasks with text, images, and videos.


Virtual assistant for sustainable farming

Gen AI empowers farmers by arming them with personalized agricultural insights to better support sustainable practices from virtual assistants that listen and respond like humans and then provide real-time advice.


Our Generative AI Offerings

icon imageAI Discovery

Interest to Discovery: Generative AI Ecosystem and 
Implications for My Business

  • Use cases and business impact priorities
  • Data quality and availability 
  • Technology trade-offs and architecture 
  • Technical feasibility with POC

icon imageAI Launchpad

Launchpad to Innovation: Evidence-Based Exploration and Deployment

  • Generative AI lab
  • AI Launchpad Program for rapid experimentation
  • Value stream mapping and use cases
  • POC/POV pipeline

icon imageAI Adoption

Insight to Impact: Rapid Scaling and Adoption in My Organization

  • Generative AI Adoption roadmap
  • Technology strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Change management and AI governance
  • Generative AI Solution Development
  • Generative AI in Product and Engineering Teams