Identify and evaluate Generative AI applications for your business with Google Cloud
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SoftServe partnering with Google Cloud

Leverage the power of Google Cloud with SoftServe as your compass. Our Data Intelligence Framework will guide your business through an exceptional digital transformation.

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SoftServe Is an Award-Winning Google Partner

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SoftServe’s Data Intelligence Framework

Your Roadmap to Data Excellence Starts Here
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    Landing Zone

    Accelerate your enterprise to rapidly deploy, utilize, and scale Google Cloud services with greater speed and security. Landing zones are custom-tailored to specific use cases and can be seamlessly deployed in just two weeks, providing a stable foundation for your cloud journey.
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    Data Platform Foundations

  • 03
    AI Data Readiness

  • 04
    MLOps Liftoff

  • 05
    Generative AI Proof of Concept

  • 06
    API Modernization with Apigee

  • 07
    Application Modernization Platform

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Google Cloud Expertise

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    Cloud & DevOps

    Leveraging 30 years of application development experience, SoftServe provides the expertise and tools to assist you in building and overseeing your infrastructure and applications.

    The foundations of a successful cloud transformation start with using a modern and flexible approach to managing your cloud infrastructure with DevOps, incorporating cloud architecture, infrastructure management with infrastructure as code (IaC), thorough monitoring, timely alerts, and robust security measures.

    Learn more by visiting our Cloud & DevOps web page.

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    Application Modernization

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    Big Data & Analytics

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  • 05
    Internet of Things

  • 06
    Multi/hybrid cloud environments

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