Life Sciences Innovation with Generative AI

Generative AI empowers you and gives you a better understanding about how to maximize your investments in the next phase of AI technologies for advanced analytics, efficient clinical development and commercial operations, and valuable insights, while meeting regulatory compliances and avoiding legal risks.

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Key Challenges

  • Further R&D Investment
  • As new approaches for drug discovery and devices evolve, Gen AI helps you rapidly innovate and reduce time to market.

  • Increase Sales Efficiency and Patient Loyalty
  • With data access, Gen AI enables you to create a personalized, omnichannel, and AI-driven approach for better engagement with clinicians and patients, who both have a meaningful impact on revenues and patient health.

  • Demonstrating Clinical Value
  • As competition increases, pricing is under pressure, and value-based contracts are the norm, Gen AI helps you to better mine and understand data to generate evidence to support safety and efficacy claims.

  • Connected Supply Chain
  • Gen AI drives forecasting and supply chains to improve operational efficiency and sustainability with smart factory technologies that intelligently automate production facilities and control tower technologies that connect the supply chain.

  • Digital Health Solutions
  • Gen AI helps you develop digital solutions and products that enable people to take greater control of their own personal health. This gives them more informed choices based on personal insights through new delivery mechanisms like apps and digital therapeutics.

Business Opportunities

Use Cases
Business Value
Case Simplicity

Health Librarian Chatbot

With Gen AI, create a virtual assistant to curate health information that provides education, answers questions, and requests information by your organization’s representatives, HCPs, and patients.


Clinical Trial Operations

Gen AI helps you fill clinical trials that accelerate enrollment and retention. It supports improved trial design, reduces trial duration, and automates the collection, integration, and publication of trial data.


Advanced Drug Discovery

Gen AI facilitates the discovery of promising compound candidates to address specific diseases, so you more rapidly design and develop new therapeutic agents.


Global Documentation Translation and Publication

With Gen AI, you adapt global language, culture, and style when you publish marketing materials, clinical trial documentation, medical literature, and other publicly distributed corporate information.


Real-Time Data Insights and Scenario Planning

Use Gen AI to model and predict issues in medical devices or within your supply chains to ensure availability of products, address the needs of healthcare professionals, and improve patient outcomes.


New Drug Indications and Personalized Medicine

With Gen AI, research new indications for in-market drugs that enter new therapeutic areas to extend patent life. Identify patient cohorts that respond to specific drugs based on genomics and other factors.


Accelerate Access to Corporate Information

Gen AI enables corporate staff, marketing, R&D, and sales organizations to access internal data that generate insights, provide decision support, and bolster the information needs of physicians and patients.



Our Generative AI Offerings

icon imageAI Discovery

Interest to Discovery: Generative AI Ecosystem and 
Implications for My Business

  • Use cases and business impact priorities
  • Data quality and availability 
  • Technology trade-offs and architecture 
  • Technical feasibility with POC

icon imageAI Launchpad

Launchpad to Innovation: Evidence-Based Exploration and Deployment

  • Generative AI lab
  • AI Launchpad Program for rapid experimentation
  • Value stream mapping and use cases
  • POC/POV pipeline

icon imageAI Adoption

Insight to Impact: Rapid Scaling and Adoption in My Organization

  • Generative AI Adoption roadmap
  • Technology strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Change management and AI governance
  • Generative AI Solution Development
  • Generative AI in Product and Engineering Teams