Mining and Metals 

Using advanced technologies to thrive in this new era of environmentally conscious mining operations.

A holistic data-driven approach to integrate and optimize surface and underground mining operations 

Our strategic advisory services improve mining operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. With SoftServe as a trusted partner, mining companies have embraced advanced technologies while prioritizing responsible mining practices.

Our Mining Expertise

  • 01Technology Advisory Services

    SoftServe provides valuable technology advisory services to the mining industry. With a deep understanding of industry challenges and emerging trends, we offer strategic guidance and expertise to help mining companies leverage advanced technology effectively.

    Here’s how:

    • Digital maturity assessment: We combine our technology expertise with insights from your mining experts through in-depth strategy sessions and technology assessment.
    • Digital strategy roadmap: We document the results from the assessment and thoughtfully design a data and technology strategy roadmap, prioritizing each step based on its potential business impact.
    • Initial proof of concept (PoC): We recommend starting with a PoC for a high-priority project that benefits your business outcomes. Typically, a project will stand out as “the project” after the road mapping exercise.
  • 02Data Collection And Analytics
  • 03Visual Inspection And Digital Twins
  • 04Sustainability

Core Mining & Metals Capabilities

  • Drill and Blast Management

    Through real-time data analysis, AI algorithms determine optimal drilling patterns, explosive quantities, and blast timing for improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Advanced technologies like drones and remote sensing enable continuous monitoring, ensuring safety compliance and prompt adjustments.
  • Fleet Management

    Mining vehicles often face challenging road conditions, leading to shortened lifespans. By leveraging AI and ML algorithms, mining supervisors are given real-time data to make informed decisions on extending vehicle lifespans, saving costs, enhancing vehicle efficiency, minimizing landfill waste, and more, ultimately promoting sustainability and operational excellence.
  • Processing

    Big data and AI can improve control of operations happening in the processing sites and strongly influence its cost and production rates. It can help optimize processing operations like crushing and grinding, sizing and classification, separation & concentration, dewatering & tailings management by real-time analytics of geological & processing data, detecting anomalies, and modeling/simulating different scenarios.
  • Resource Management

    Effective mining practices rely on accurate resource management. AI and ML can help streamline stockpile analysis for resource movement forecasts, including allocating stockpile space for uninterrupted operations and scheduling train inventory movements. 
  • Predictive Equipment Management

    AI and ML algorithms empower mining companies with predictive asset management capabilities. By analyzing sensor data and equipment performance, companies can proactively schedule maintenance, reducing downtime and improving safety. 
  • Health and Safety

    Digital twins and VR simulations provide realistic training environments, allowing mining personnel to practice safety protocols and emergency response procedures virtually. This leads to a safer work environment and reduces the risk of incidents.

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